It's story time! Our most recent Facebook live video goes into the Top 3 biggest real estate disasters witnessed by the company during the years we have been serving buyers and sellers. One of these deals went down in flames (literally)! 

We also give some tips on how to avoid making the biggest mistakes we've witnessed over the years. In essence, selling a home is typically an emotional process for all those involved. Because so much emotion is invested- between packing up and settling elsewhere, leaving behind a place filled with so many memories, and perceiving a higher sense of value in your home than the market actually demands- these high stakes often lead to rash decisions. Understanding market fundamentals and looking at things with a level head can end up saving time, headaches, and in some of these instances, huge amounts of money.

And because Facebook is so central to our success, and our chosen platform for live videos, we go into some of our biggest takeaways from Mark Zuckerberg's testimony to Congress this month. In particular, how the sharing of data on Facebook is not as nefarious as politicians seem to make it out to be, but actually necessary for keeping the platform free to use.

We also get into some of the problems of the monopoly that Facebook holds over social media sites. This was touched on by Senator Lindsey Graham, but seemingly not explored in great detail so we expand on this idea here.

Join us for our very first outdoor interview session (don't mind the squinting- it was very bright out)! We're easing into spring slowly, one toe at a time.

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