To the west of Father Capodanno Boulevard and located right next to Ocean Breeze Park, there is a small wetland that south_beach_wetlands_400is about 5 acres in size called South Beach Wetlands. This wetland became a part of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation in December of 1999 and was named after the neighborhood in which it is located, South Beach.

Although this may not be a regular park that you would take your children to, it is still an important part of Staten Island. The South Beach Wetlands is one of the many parks on Staten Island that is more of a nature preserve, even though it may not be classified as one of the Forever Wild Nature Preserves. This park has been left to its own devices and is made up of marshy areas--as well as forest and shrub areas and wetlands--to help maintain the water table on Staten Island that is endangered. South Beach Wetlands is a place for the natural habitat to flourish and animals to live without being interfered with.

If you are a nature lover and love exploring, this may be a parksouth_beach_wetlands_stream_400 just for you. Some of the trees and shrubs that you can find in the South Beach Wetlands are black willows, eastern cottonwoods, black locusts, gray birches, northern bayberries, winged sumacs, and pussy willows. Some of the other plant-life in this wetland are bushy goldenrods, gerardias, swamp milkweeds, Indian-hemp, orchids, bonesets, scouring rushes, weeping lovegrass, globe flatsedge, and phragmites.

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