Staten Island Express Bus Toutes Are Going To Be Redesigned, Making The Trips Quicker!

Posted by on Friday, July 14th, 2017 at 12:14pm.

There have been many changes to arise, surrounding the MTA. Since 1965, the MTA has been the number one source of public transit and tolls in New York City. Now with tollbooths becoming a thing of the past, it may also cause some changes in public transportation.

The public transportation might have gotten easier for commuters thanks to the MTA, who is planning to redesign Staten Island’s entire express bus system. This plan will cut travel time down to 40 minutes or less. This new system would only have routes that travel to Lower Manhattan or Midtown to avoid the Downtown and Uptown traffic. The system will also rely on the Staten Island highways instead of traveling on local streets.

There are certain bus stops that are rarely used by commuters that the MTA is planning to get rid of. To prevent overcrowding and shorten wait times, the MTA will have the same amount of busses in the system.

In 2015, the MTA had started a study based on all 51 bus lines on Staten Island and brainstormed plans in improving the service and changing routes. The study had stated that an average bus line makes about 27 stops before it leaves the borough. Another study had stated that 96 percent of riders end their trip in either Downtown or Midtown Manhattan. The amount is of four percent that gets off the bus between downtown and midtown.

A Certain selection of routes will still operate during off-peak and weekend hours but the routes are unknown as of this minute. Later this year, more towards the end of 2017, local bus routes might change as well. The date and time are unknown as of now.

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