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From Staten Island bridges to buses, trains, ferries, and all other notable modes of transportation. A look at the future, modern, and history of Staten Island's public transportation network.

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Staten Island was once a very different place than it is today. So many of the things we take for granted about our way of life were not always this way. In this live video segment, we tackle the Top Ten events that changed Staten Island forever.

Correspondent Hannah Jay and Broker/Co-Owner Anthony Licciardello run the gamut through more than three centuries taking us into the modern day. Who were the first European settlers on Staten Island? How much did Staten Island cost to purchase from the Lenape tribe? And, how did people get to the island before the first bridge was built in 1928? What was the main event that changed the infrastructure, demographics, and culture of Staten Island in such a short time?

But many of these events are…

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March has been a crazy month for weather! As we wait on the precipice of yet another snowstorm this evening, we reflect on the worst storms Staten Island has seen in a lifetime. Correspondent Hannah Jay interviews broker and co-owner Anthony Licciardello as they count down the 7 Most Severe Staten Island Storms.

Some of these storms are record holders; others can't be quantified in their toll on our lives. All have one thing in common- their destructive impact that lasted long past the storm itself.

Staten Islanders will find a few of these in our recent memory, while others provide a history lesson for younger residents. As each winter goes by, it makes for uncertain times during blizzard and Hurricane seasons. Many of you will remember the unease…

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February's home prices are still very close to record highs in Staten Island as developers and residents alike clamor for their own piece of the pie. The average home sale price last month was $558,102, down about 1% from the January's record high.

The US stock market had a rocky performance in the month of February. While some this shake-up caused some speculation that the fall would continue, the DOW has recovered for the most part. Looking at real estate statistics, which include the average days listed on the market of just 88, buyer confidence in Staten Island did not seem to be hurt at all.

Though the market still hangs in the seller's favor, a substantial listings increase since last year gives buyers more options. February saw 510 new homes…

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Drivers will no longer have to stop at a toll booth after crossing the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Last month, the bridge switched to cashless tolling, in which officials were hoping would reduce traffic and quicken travel time for drivers and commuters. Locals have confirmed that it has!

Governor Andrew Cuomo had begun a series of measures to ease congestion around the city. He stated that the Verrazano-Narrows bridge is a popular route for transportation, and the cashless tolling will improve safety, reduce congestion, and quicken travel between Staten Island and Brooklyn. Not only including those improvements, but the cashless tolling is also modernizing our transportation infrastructure and easing commutes for current and future generations in…

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While Staten Island Borough president wants tourist to take the ferry over and visit longer, residential commuters want to limit the visitors' access on the ferry.

Our borough president, James Oddo launched a Tourism and Cultural Affairs office on Monday, July 24th, 2017. The aim is to get more tourist to explore Staten Island with high-end hotels and mega projects similar to the Empire Outlet and New York Wheel that is underway in the St. George waterfront.

The Tourism and Cultural Affairs office plans to develop a marketing plan for the borough by conducting research on tourist, organize outreach events, and more. The plan is to also get different cultural groups and developers together to promote Staten Island as a place to visit. There has…

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There have been many changes to arise, surrounding the MTA. Since 1965, the MTA has been the number one source of public transit and tolls in New York City. Now with tollbooths becoming a thing of the past, it may also cause some changes in public transportation.

The public transportation might have gotten easier for commuters thanks to the MTA, who is planning to redesign Staten Island’s entire express bus system. This plan will cut travel time down to 40 minutes or less. This new system would only have routes that travel to Lower Manhattan or Midtown to avoid the Downtown and Uptown traffic. The system will also rely on the Staten Island highways instead of traveling on local streets.

There are certain bus stops that are rarely used by…

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A $4 million dollar job is in the studies, being conducted by the MTA. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has proposed a light rail from Staten Island to New Jersey. This will be called the West Shore Light Rail.

The West Shore Light Rail was mentioned in a previous time.  The project itself would run 13-miles along Richmond Valley to Elm Park then, in that time, will connect to New Jersey over the Bayonne Bridge.

A light rail, in general, is an electric railway which is able to operate a single to multiple train cars at one time. The system could be located on the ground level, have aerial structures, and even be included on streets. Light rails are normally powered by electric wire over the cart itself.

The West Shore Light…

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The fear of your meter running may be a thing of the past soon! The city announced that drivers can now pay for parking in Brooklyn and Staten Island with their cell phones.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) created this plan to roll our phone payment systems for city parking meters. It began in December of last year, in Midtown, Manhattan, the system first launched. Eventually, it rolled out for the rest of Manhattan and the Bronx. Now, the app, Park NYC, rolled out to Brooklyn and Staten Island in May. It has yet to be launched in Queens. (UPDATE: Now available in Queens as of July 18th, 2017!)

Developed by ParkMobile, the ParkNYC app enables you to use your credit card connected on your phone to pay for your parking meter, without…

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Today is the last day to drive over the Goethals Bridge as we know it. 

The Goethals Bridge, which is an 89-year-old span that connects Elizabeth, New Jersey, to Staten Island, will be closed starting Friday night, being replaced by twin spans. 

Closures and Opening Details, as well as Alternate Routes: 

  • Beginning at 10 P.M. tonight, (Friday, June 9th,) the Goethals Bridge will be closed in both directions to accommodate the transition of the new Goethals Bridge. 
  • On Saturday, June 10th, in the late afternoon, eastbound traffic is expected to resume on the new Goethals Bridge. On Sunday, June 11th, also in the late afternoon, westbound traffic is expected to resume on the bridge. 
  • Both the Bayonne Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing will…
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Out of the five boroughs in New York City, two of them do not have the Citi bikes. While Staten Island and the Bronx have not been privileged with this city feature, that is all about to change soon enough!

There have been negotiations that were made with the Department Of Transportation, which included a plan that avoids the use of taxpayer money during the involvement of the distribution of the bikes in the five boroughs. Citi Bike believes that they will bring in 6,000 new bikes in New York City, with new bike docks in Staten Island and the Bronx. 

Citi Bike is a privately owned bicycle sharing system. One of the many reasons Citi Bike came into action was based on the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and climate control actions in places,…

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