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crimson_beach_400In the first half of the twentieth century, it was rare to find an architect who had never heard of Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright had made a name for himself by developing new styles of housing, including the Prairie style and the Organic style.  He was known for his practical house designs and for his love of manufactured homes. After the Great Depression, he realized that what people needed were affordable homes. By the 1950s, he had teamed up with Marshall Erdman, a house manufacturer, to create a series of affordable prefabricated homes which would cater to middle-class Americans.

The homes created by Wright and Erdman became known as the Marshall Erdman Prefab Houses. They had two different designs which were quite similar.  The first…

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Dugan Playground is located in the neighborhood of New Dorp. This park is about three acres in size and stretches from Mill Road to Weed Avenue. Dugan Playground is bordered by these streets and is located between Tysens Lane and Isernia Avenue.

duganplaygroundplayunit_400In 1931, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation obtained the land that makes up Dugan Playground. From the time that the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation opened this park up until 1974, this park was just an empty lot and did not have an official name.

In 1974, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation updated the empty lot into a nice playground for the community and renamed it Dugan Playground. This park was named for Gerard P. Dugan.

Gerard Dugan was born in…

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Cedar Grove Beach, located in the neighborhood of New Dorp, is one of Staten Island's newest public beaches, though it is still currently undergoing construction. Cedar Grove Beach is bordered by Ebbitts Street to the north and the Lower New York Bay to the east and south. Once it has been completed, the entrance to the park will be on the corner of Cedar Grove Avenue and Ebbitts Street.

In the early 20th century this land was established as the Cedar Grove Beach Club. This was a private area that was used as a vacation spot. It included beach front bungalows, a clubhouse, a barn, a guardhouse, and garage structures.
At some point around the 1950s, urban planner Robert Moses arranged for a parkway to be built. This parkway would require the demolition…

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Corporal Allan F. Kivlehan Park is located in the neighborhood of New Dorp. This park is bordered by the streets of New Dorp Lane to the north, and Cedar Grove Avenue to the west. It is also bordered by the Lower New York Bay to 
the east, and by Cedar Grove Beach to the south.

Prior to being a park, this land used to hold bungalows for vacationers and residents of Staten Island. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation obtained the land for this park in 1962 and it became known as New Dorp Beach Park. The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation had also obtained Cedar Grove Beach and Oakwood Beach at that time.

After the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation took over the land they removed all the houses that were there…

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In the early 17th century, many Dutch families immigrated to the New Netherland area of the United States. One of miller3_400these families was from the village De Bilt, in the Netherlands. The family was then known as Van der Bilt, which, in Dutch, means "from the Bilt". Cornelius Vanderbilt, a descendant of the Vanderbilt family, became a philanthropic entrepreneur, owning much land in Staten Island. In 1836, he bought farmland in the New Dorp area, which was, at the time, the club ground for the Richmond County Agricultural Society.

In 1919, the land was sold to the federal government by descendants of Cornelius Vanderbilt. By 1921, an airfield was completed on the property. It was named Miller Field, for the first American aviator Killed-In-Action serving in…

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In the community of Midland Beach, you will find two sites operated by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation: Midland Field and Midland Playground.  The two parks are parallel to each other, being separated by midland_playground_1_400Midland Avenue to the Field's south and the Playground's north.  Midland Field, which is on top, is bounded to the north by Bedford Avenue, the west by Boundary Avenue, and the east by Mason Avenue.  It takes up almost eight acres of land.  Midland Playground, on the other hand, is only a fraction of Midland Field's size.  It is almost two acres in total and, like Midland Field, is bounded to the east by Mason Avenue.  However, since it does not extend as far along Midland Avenue as Midland Field does, its imaginary western boundary…

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feild_1_400Clawson Playground is located in the Staten Island neighborhood of Oakwood. It is bordered by streets on just two sides. To the north is Adelaide Avenue and to the east is Clawson Street. Clawson Playground has the facilities of a baseball field, basketball hoops, a play unit, and an open grassy field. This park is connected to and is part of Public School 50's schoolyard.

Clawson Playground was named after the Clawson family. The Clawsons were one of the prominent Staten Island families starting in the late 18th century. They resided on New Dorp Lane until the mid to late 19th century in a colonial-style house. In the cemetery of the Church of St. Andrew's you can find twenty-seven members buried.


The New York City Department of Parks and…

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As you may well know, the Geographic South Pole is the southernmost point on Earth, lying on the continent of Antarctica. Up until the 1800s, Antarctica was only a myth. During the year of 1820, many had claimed to have actually seen this fabled continent. The first humans to set foot on the continent did so the following year. By the turn of the century, explorers began to search for the South Pole. The first attempt was made in 1902, but the party had only reached 82°16' S.  In 1909, that same party set out once again, but they were roughly two degrees off.  Two years later, on December 14, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen became the first person to reach 90° S, the South Pole.

While people were debating whether or not Antarctica was real, other…

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Many centuries ago, it was very difficult to show your faith in a different religion, as the prominent religion was Roman Catholicism. Throughout Europe it was especially so, and in France there were many Wars of Religion which LaTourette Golf Course in Winterbroke out. These wars began on August 23, 1572, a day which later came to be known as the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre. On this day, Roman Catholic leaders had 3,000 men, women and children slaughtered in just three days for the sole fact that they were Protestants. The wars lasted until the end of the century, at which point Henry IV, a Huguenot himself, issued the Edict of Nantes, a law which granted Huguenots civil rights. On May 14, 1610, Henry IV was assassinated and the Protestants again feared for their lives.

By 1643,…

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211 Titus Ave 11AM-1PM

Living Room/Din Room 6 over 5 2 family New DorpIf you're in the market for a home that provides a considerable amount of income from a two or three bedroom apartment with a location and price that is unmatched in its price segment… This is your home.

This impeccably maintained home has great features like hardwood floors, vaulted ceilings, updated exterior and manicured landscaping. There is also a full finished basement with private access from both apartments, which is a very rare convenience. So, even if you decide to rent the first floor 2 bedroom apartment, you can have full private entry from the larger second floor 3 bedroom unit. It is truly a rare opportunity.

See the complete listing for 211 Titus Ave.

Contact Mary Ann Benevento – DeMagistris of…

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