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In 1925, just ten days shy of turning forty-five, Brigadier General Douglas MacArthur, of the United States Army, was promoted to Major General.  This made him the United States Army's youngest two-star major general.  This wasn't macarthur_park_2_400the only honor which made General MacArthur significant, though.  In 1937, he had decided to retire, but was called back to the United States Army in 1941.  It wasn't until 1951 that General Douglas MacArthur retired a second time, after having become a very decorated soldier.

General Douglas MacArthur was such a prominent figure in America's history that over fifty places were named in honor of him.  If you couldn't guess, one of these places is on Staten Island.  This would be MacArthur Park, which is made up of a little…

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dongan_playground_1_400Located in the neighborhood of Dongan Hills is the Dongan Playground. It is bounded by streets on three sides and a school on the fourth side. The three streets that border the park are Buel Avenue, Mason Avenue, and Dongan Hills Avenue. The school that is located next to the park is Public School 52.

Dongan Playground became part of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation in 1968. When it first opened it was known as P.S. 52 Playground, for the school located next to it. In 1986, the name of the park changed to Mason Playground, for one of the bordering streets. In 1997, the name of the park changed to what it is known as today, Dongan Playground.

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation Commissioner renamed the park Dongan…

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