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With its location in Monmouth County and reputation as a lively center for shopping, eating, and fun, Red Bank, New Jersey, has earned the name "Hip City." This busy town is known for its charming downtown area, which has a wide range of shops, restaurants, and shows that make it a popular spot for both locals and tourists. This blog post will talk about the unique things that Red Bank has to offer, from its pretty streets to the famous Count Basie Theater. We'll also talk about why this town is a must-see for anyone who wants to experience a mix of old and new.

A Walk Through Red Bank's Downtown

The downtown area of Red Bank is where the city's heart is. It looks like something from a postcard, with its busy streets packed with shops and…

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Asbury Park is a culture hub and attraction for a wide range of people, both locals and tourists. It is located on the coast of New Jersey. The city has a famous beach, a lively music scene, and a welcoming community. It has a unique mix of history, art, and modern life. This blog post goes into great detail about the busy life in Asbury Park by looking at the places to live, the arts and entertainment scene, and the events that happen there.

Take a Walk Along the Beach

The boardwalk in Asbury Park is more than just a path along the water; it's a live, breathing thing that represents the city's spirit. The boardwalk is a public place where the creative energy of the city meets the rhythms of the ocean. It is lined with unique shops, restaurants,…

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The move toward sustainable living has become an important part of community growth, especially in 55+ areas where people really care about living a healthier, more eco-friendly life. A few 55+ communities in New Jersey are showing the way by implementing green initiatives and sustainable practices that not only help the environment but also make life better for the people who live there. This blog post talks about different parts of sustainable living in these areas, such as energy-efficient homes and eco-friendly ways to get around. It also talks about some of the communities that are leading the way in the green movement.

How to Live in a Way That Is Sustainable

Energy-Efficient Homes: To cut down on energy use, many 55+ communities are…

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A Guide to Age-Restricted Living in 55+ Communities in New Jersey

As people get older, more and more are looking for 55+ communities where they can not only find a place to live but also a way of life that fits their needs, hobbies, and goals. New Jersey has a lot of different landscapes and is close to big cities, so people who are thinking about age-restricted life have a lot of choices. This blog post talks about the purpose and benefits of 55+ communities, as well as the laws and social rules that govern them in New Jersey. It also gives people who are thinking about this way of life some things to think about.

Getting to Know 55+ Communities

People aged 55 and up can live in 55+ communities, which are also called age-restricted or active…

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All around the nation, mortgage rates have been rising for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Home prices have begun to stabilize after their breakneck climb.

Here in our local markets, Staten Island and The Jersey Shore, we do see some similarities between the two. But there are pronounced differences between buying and selling in these two areas.


Breakdown: Staten Island and New Jersey Real Estate, March 2022

Staten Island is the more stable market of these two. The Jersey Shore market is more volatile. Staten Island home prices remained about the same in February as they did in January. The average Staten Island home sold for $710,776 last month.

In Monmouth and Ocean Counties, prices came down quite a bit.…

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There simply aren’t enough houses to go around! Inventory shortages have once again pushed home prices to a record high.

For the first time, the average home sale price in Staten Island cracked $700,000. The average property now sells for $707,376, an amazing $45,251 increase in just one month! In Monmouth and Ocean Counties, the average home fetched $540,740. Although this was up 14% from last year’s $474,411, prices in New Jersey appear to have stabilized over the past few months.

The inventory squeeze has created high buyer competition in both markets. In Staten Island, just 1,228 listings are available for the entire county. By contrast, 1,763 homes were listed at the same time last year. This hot seller’s market offers 30% less inventory…

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Jersey Shore real estate

Prices came back up again this past month in Staten Island. Despite a small slip in early fall, the average home in Richmond County now sells for $666,041. For the past six months now, home prices have stabilized around the $660,000 mark.

On the other hand, our new ventures into New Jersey have opened up an entirely different market. By contrast, the New York City market has been on a steady climb in recent years. Home prices on the Jersey Shore have been more volatile. Here, buyer activity is off the charts (literally).

In Monmouth and Ocean Counties, real estate now sells for above 100% of its asking price. Even in the hottest months, Staten Island homes have always sold at a slight discount from list price for as long as we have been…

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Check out this newly listed property that just hit the market- introducing 22 Margaret Street! This fully updated home with all modern luxuries is located in Old Bridge, New Jersey. On a generous lot, it boasts an open floor plan, in-ground pool, and gorgeous renovations. 

This three bedroom, two bath home is now on the market and ready for a buyer!

A quaint river-rock finish greets you from the front of the home with a matching light pole and green lawn. Up the winding path, four beautiful stone steps lead up to the front door.

Inside, a breezy living-dining room area welcomes you first with a tall window and wood burning fireplace in white crown molding and stone. This area features oak wood flooring and a split level…

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