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Today, the main line of the Staten Island Railway is still in operation and is quite popular.  There are currently twenty-two stations being used.  However, a station just before the last stop in southern Staten Island is planned and will replace the second- and third-to-last stops, which are quite close together.  This station would be known as the Arthur Kill Road station, as that is where it will be located.

The first station of the Staten Island Railway is at the St. George Ferry Terminal, which is located at Bay Street and 
Richmond Terrace.  This wheelchair-accessible station provides passengers with access to the ferry, as well as over one dozen buses which begin or end their routes here and travel to points all over the Island.  These buses…

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Between April 23 and June 2 of 1860, Staten Island was given its very own rail line. The track consisted of eighteen stations which began at Clifton and traveled along the East Shore of the Staten Island all the way down to Tottenville. This line was known as the Staten Island Railroad and, soon after having been constructed, was purchased by Cornelius Vanderbilt, who had also owned the ferry terminals on this side of the Island.

Many people believed the railroad to be a prosperous business and so it went through a handful of owners. Since Cornelius Vanderbilt had owned the ferries, you can imagine what an impact it had on him when a boiler exploded on the ferry Westfield in 1871. This left Cornelius Vanderbilt bankrupt, which led to the purchasing…

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