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Should you rent a home or buy it? It is a question we will or have asked ourselves before. We set up a list to help you determine what category you belong in.

Reasons to Rent

  • Discover- Renting a home before buying it allows you to explore the house, the neighborhood, and the area. If you see yourself not living there in 5 years, renting is more beneficial.
  • Roaring 20s- It is not that you are too young, but if you are in your 20s, you are better off renting. It is still unknown where life will take you; being locked down in a house is just too soon.
  • Uncertainty Paycheck- If you are job hunting, or planning on a career change, buying a house is not a good investment at this moment. You want to make sure you are on top of your bills at this…

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Whether yoou are staging your home for selling and open house tours, or just preparing it for company coming over, keep these things in mind:

  • Grimy Bathroom Walls: Mold just looks bad and dirty. Get rid of it by mixing bleach and water into a spray bottle. 
  • Unisex Master Bedroom: When selling a home, the master bedroom should be able to appeal both the male and female. Paint the walls a neutral color, and choose bedding that matches. Decorate the room where it does not just come accross feminine. Make it a room for the both of you. 
  • Out-dated Kitchen: If replacing cabinets and appliances are not in your budget at the moment, there are simple and cheap fixes. Apply stain on the cabinets and resurface appliances with stainless-steel-stick-on…

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The overall market of 2013 attracted plenty of buyers but very few sellers.  In December, there were under 2,000 homes available to be sold, which is considered very low.  Now that we are out of the economic housing bubble crisis, people need to be more confident rather than timid, when selling their homes.  A key tip for potential sellers is to know who they are working with and how to obtain the information that is provided to them.  The bank will inform them on how much their home is worth; it is then the seller’s choice whether or not to accept this advice when setting the listing price.



The average listing and sale price has not drastically changed in the last four years.  The average annual…

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When the new year rolls around, the resolutions usually revolve around self-image changes. We want to remind your not to forget about your home in this year’s set goals. Here are some ways to keep your home a clean and green living place. 

Out with the old! One of the best ways to make your home feel like new is to clear it of its clutter. We have been stressing the importance of decluttering; It makes a home look dirty. Vow to go home and clear away anything you do not use or wear and donate it to charity. Clear table tops and counters of everything you do not use daily. 

Keeping a green home. Going green does not always have to mean solar panels and a hybrid car. You can cut your bills and carbon footprint in half just by reducing your home…

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When you have a home you want to make sure it is safe, especially if you have children. Here on Staten Island the crime rate has been going down with each passing year; in 2012 there were approximately 740 reports of burglary, according to the NYPD CompStat report. Home safety is not something to take lightly, but you may not have enough money to spend on an expensive security system so here are some cheap effective ways to protect your home.

Home SecuritySince most burglaries happen during the day here are some good tips to go by.

  • The most obvious way to help protect your home is to make sure all doors, windows, and garages are closed and locked when you leave the house. Make sure your home’s locking systems are sturdy, also. The locks on your windows and doors…

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t was publicly recorded on 8/2/2005 that 3884 Amboy Road, a residence in Great Kills, Staten Island NY 10308, was sold for $525,000.  The one-family home sits on block 5134, lot 25.  It was built in 1930 on 1006 square feet on 5512 square feet of land.

Source: New York City Department of Finance home sale data. Property tax assessments in New York City are determined by estimated home values based on reported comparable area home and real estate sales.

If you have questions regarding this house or property, or you need to get a current home value market analysis, you can contact our Staten Island industry leading Realtors at (718) 668-0423.

Neighboring houses and brief specs on Amboy Road:

3871 Amboy Road
•Condominium, PUD

3872 Amboy Road

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A home sale of 60 ENDVIEW STREET located in Annadale, Staten Island NY 10312 and was recorded publicly on 4/22/2004. Public records show The real estate classification of the property is noted as a one-family home. The house block is 6220 and lot is 72. The home's estimated living space is 1,816 square feet on 3,605 square feet of land. The construction date of this house was recorded in 2003 and sold for $364,939.This home was newly built at the time of sale. The new construction homes on Endview St. were also tax abated at the time of sale.

Source: New York City Department of Finance home sale data.

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Our real estate listing located on 76 Upton St. in Dongan Hills Colony just saw a huge reduction in price. The list price dropped from 1.29 Million to $998,000. This home features many high end amenities, not to mention its located in a prime real estate community. See all the listing specs for 76 Upton St. Staten Island <here. This spectacular 4,000 square foot home offers 4 bedrooms, huge kitchen and living and family rooms.

Call today to see this amazing home. 718-668-0423

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