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February 2014 Real Estate Market Statistics

This is the year to sell your home.  Selling your home in the spring is the best time because this is when there is the largest number of buyers.  Right now, sellers have very little competition! Serious buyers are looking for a home right now, and want to settle into the existing rate before it goes up.

There were only 10 more homes available compared to the previous month of January.  More homes were available on the market during February compared to January 2014, but fewer homes were sold.  February’s current inventory stood at 1877 with only 195 homes sold. 

In terms of speed, it took 123 days to sell 195 homes, and would take 9.62 months to clear out the 1877 homes that were available.  Last year…

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The housing market for Staten Island is improving, but it’s not stable quite yet.

Although the number of available homes on the market is still on the low end, more homeowners showed an interest in selling for the month of January. This past month, there was 1772 homes available for sale. Of the 1772 homes, only 292 actually sold in January. The total month’s inventory of 246 took 132 days to sell, meaning it would take roughly 7.2 months to clear out the inventory. 

January proved that there are enough available homes being sold but not enough buyers. For the market to gain traction, people need to continue moving rather than remodeling their current home space.

Home sales in Staten Island…

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When you look at the numbers, one thing has become clear: the real estate market locally has stabilized after 5+ years of some of the most tumultuous times in American history.  By no means was it an easy go of it locally-especially after Hurricane Sandy made it to our shoreline back in October of last year.

realestatesiny_market_report_262The impacts of the hurricane were clearly evidenced in home sale numbers for this past November, a month after the storm.  With just 182 home sales, it was a drop of over 14% from the prior month, and a whopping 33% from a year prior.  However, a brighter side emerged after the storm, rebounding a little over 32% in December.

All in all, it was enough to put the market as a whole above 2011 in many facets and it's the first time the market has…

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