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Staten Island was once a very different place than it is today. So many of the things we take for granted about our way of life were not always this way. In this live video segment, we tackle the Top Ten events that changed Staten Island forever.

Correspondent Hannah Jay and Broker/Co-Owner Anthony Licciardello run the gamut through more than three centuries taking us into the modern day. Who were the first European settlers on Staten Island? How much did Staten Island cost to purchase from the Lenape tribe? And, how did people get to the island before the first bridge was built in 1928? What was the main event that changed the infrastructure, demographics, and culture of Staten Island in such a short time?

But many of these events are…

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Verrazano-Narrows Bridge has been working as Staten Island's connection to Brooklyn for 52 years. Something us Islanders can all agree with is that we despise the tolls and traffic to the tollbooths.

With every bridge in New York City that has a toll system, Governor Cuomo announces a plan to increase toll areas, making it automatic, with fewer headaches, especially if there is an issue with payment. The automatic tollbooth will scan the license and send a bill later in a week or so.

Since bridges are a target for terrorist, Cuomo is taking precaution by increasing security. He is planning to combine anti-terrorism teams with traffic enforcements. For this project taking in effect, job opportunities will be available. By increasing…

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