Staten Island Ferry Terminal

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Staten Island was connected to Manhattan, Long Island, and New Jersey by ten different ferries that operated from different locations on the Island.  This all ended in 1886, when St. George became the sole ferry terminal on Staten Island.  By 1897, passengers had to pay five cents to take the one-hour ride to Lower Manhattan.  In 1975, and again in 1990, the cost of the ferry became twenty-five cents and fifty cents, respectively.  By 1997, however, the fare had ended and the ferry became, and remains, free for commuters and sightseers.  The Staten Island Ferry Terminal is currently the main terminus for Staten Island's ferries, its Railroad line, and many of the local buses.The Staten Island Ferry Heading to Staten Island

There are four ramps at the St. George Ferry Terminal from which buses depart.  From Ramp A, the s61 will take you along Victory Boulevard to the Staten Island Mall; the s62 travels further down Victory Boulevard, heading toward the neighborhood of Travis; the s66 takes Jewett Avenue to get to Port Richmond; and the s78 will travel down Hylan Boulevard all the way to the Bricktown Mall.  Ramp B allows you to take the s51 to Grant City, by traveling along Bay Street; the s74 to the Bricktown Mall, which takes Richmond Road; and the s76 to the neighborhood of Oakwood, also by taking Richmond Road.  From Ramp C, you can take the s46 along Castleton Avenue to the West Shore Plaza, or the s48 along Forest Avenue to Mariners Harbor.  The s40, which takes Richmond Terrace to Goethals Road North; the s44, which takes Richmond Avenue to the Staten Island Mall; the s42, which takes St. Marks Place to Clyde Place; and the s52, which takes Tompkins Avenue to Staten Island University Hospital, all depart Ramp D to get to their destinations.

Including the St. George Ferry Terminal, there are currently twenty-two stops on the Staten Island Railroad line.  The majority of stations connect you to buses that will also take you to the St. George Ferry Terminal.  The St. George Station, since it is at the major transportation hub, is wheelchair-accessible and is connected to all the Staten Island Ferry crossing near Statue of Libertybuses described above.  The next few stations are Tompkinsville, Stapleton, and Clifton, respectively, which connect with buses that travel to the St. George Ferry Terminal, in addition to their secondary destinations.

The Grasmere Station, which comes after Clifton, is connected to the s53 local bus, which travels to either Port Richmond or into Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, by taking Clove Road.  The next few stops on the Railroad line are the Old Town Station, the wheelchair-accessible Dongan Hills Station, and the Jefferson Avenue Station.  None of these stations are connected to any buses.  Following these is the Grant City Station, which is connected to the s51.  The New Dorp Station is next, connected you with the s57, which utilizes Bradley Avenue to get to Port Richmond or New Dorp, and the s76.  After that, you have the Oakwood Heights Station, which also connects you to the s57, followed by the Bay Terrace Station, which has no bus connections.

The wheelchair-accessible Great Kills Station is next, connecting you to the s54, which takes Arthur Kill Road to West New Brighton or Eltingville, as well as the Manhattan-bound x7 and x8.  After this is the Eltingville Station, connecting you to three buses that travel along Richmond Avenue: the s59, which travels to Port Richmond or Tottenville; the s79, which will take you to the Staten Island Mall or into Bay Ridge Brooklyn; and the s89, which goes to Eltingville or into Bayonne, New Jersey.  In addition to these local buses, the station also connects you to the Manhattan-bound x1 and x5.

The Annadale, Huguenot, and Prince's Bay Stations, which are respectively next on the line, connect you to the s55, which will take you to Rossville or the Staten Island Mall, along Annadale Road.  In addition to the s55, the Huguenot Station is connected to the Manhattan-bound x17, x19, and x23 buses.  The Prince's Bay Station is connected to the s56, which travels along Woodrow Road to Huguenot or the Staten Island Mall, and the Manhattan-bound x23.  The next two stations, Pleasant Plains and Richmond Valley, are connected to the Manhattan-bound x22 bus.  The local s74 bus connects the remaining three stations of the rail line, the Nassau, Atlantic, and Tottenville Stations.

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