Verrazano-Narrows Bridge has been working as Staten Island's connection to Brooklyn for 52 years. Something us Islanders can all agree with is that we despise the tolls and traffic to the tollbooths.

With every bridge in New York City that has a toll system, Governor Cuomo announces a plan to increase toll areas, making it automatic, with fewer headaches, especially if there is an issue with payment. The automatic tollbooth will scan the license and send a bill later in a week or so.

Since bridges are a target for terrorist, Cuomo is taking precaution by increasing security. He is planning to combine anti-terrorism teams with traffic enforcements. For this project taking in effect, job opportunities will be available. By increasing security awareness towards threats, there will be cameras and sensors to detect suspicion occurring at that moment.

Cuomo has another task he would like to do; for the lights at night, Cuomo is aiming to conserve energy by using LED lights. Statistics stated that LED lights use 40% to 80% less power than other lights and will last up to 6 years longer. These lights will be installed the first month of the new year: January 2017.

Most of our New York City bridges are well-known landmarks around the world and deserve these popularly-known updates. Bridges in the tri-state will be illuminated from dusk to dawn with the LED lights. It will be cost efficient and will be a sight to see since these lights will be coordinating with different types of events and holidays, such as Fourth of July, Breast Cancer awareness, etc. Bridges in outside cities already started using LED lights.

Governor Cuomo wants to highlight New York's imagination, creativity, and art in every aspect possible. The gantries, which are currently containing unattractive with massive size bars, will be covered with a decorative artwork, reflecting a wave effect. This wave will be constructed from a chain mail fabric, which moves with the wind. Each tunnel and bridge will have various designs, making it unique to that certain transit location.

"This transformational project will revolutionize transportation in New York and ensure that our state is built to lead for generations to come” Governor Andrew Cuomo stated, confirming the New York Crossings project will bring employment opportunities and sightful-display attractions for all the people to enjoy.

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This is to be excited of. I like the idea of the LED lights as well as the art. NY is beautiful and we shouldn't be driving n crappy bridges. Especially Stanten Islanders that have to pay to enter their own territory!!!

Posted by Clotilde Santana on Monday, October 10th, 2016 at 6:59pm

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