Top Ten DIY Halloween Costumes for 2016!

Posted by on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at 9:43am.

After spending time making your home frightfully delightful with Halloween decorations, you just realized you have no idea what you want to dress up as on the 31st! There are tons of pop culture things that occurred throughout the year that will make a fun costume come Halloween! Here are the Top Ten Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes for 2016!

  1. Simone Biles: This amazing woman dominated the 2016 Olympics, going for the gold! You can too by dressing up as her this year. All you need is a red or blue leotard, patriotic hair ribbon, and a replica Olympic gold medal necklace! Now you are ready to score a perfect-10 with this one! 
  2. Pokemon Go Trainer: This game was Summer 2016's hottest trend! Now you can dress up as your trainer in the same. This outfit can be put together by stopping at your favorite sportswear store and getting a plain baseball cap, athletic leggings, sneakers, a backpack, and fingerless gloves. Go the extra step by having Pokeballs and a stuffed Pokemon doll!
  3. HOLD THE DOOR: For our Game of Thrones fans, you completely understand what this costume is. Dress up as our beloved [and missed] Hodor. You will complete this costume with a brown cloak (which you can also make yourself using brown sheets), a leather belt, and aged boots. For a little inside-joke for GOT fans, add a Bran Cereal box to your back. 
  4. The Force Awakens: This movie dominated the box office for most of the new year. Now have it dominate Halloween as you can your friends or family dress up as the characters from the new Star Wars movie. The options are endless: BB-8, Finn, Rey, Poe, and Kylo Ren. 
  5. Suicide Squad: This too will be another movie we hope to see lots of Halloween costumes for. Grab your "Puddin" and dress up as Harley Quinn and the New-Aged Joker. 
  6. SnapChat Filters: This is a perfect and quick one you can do with your friends and co-workers. Since halloween falls on a Monday this year, you will have work and school to attend. Do something simple that will not make you feel uncomfortable while going about your everyday activities. The dog filter, butterfly filter, and flower crown filter will be the easiest ones. However, you can go a bit more with the panda filter, alien filter, and even rainbow mouth filter! These three will require just a tad bit more paint. 
  7. Ghostbusters: While this original classic was rebooted in the theater this passing summer, it now has become a costume for all genders! 
  8. Deadpool: Why not dress up as Marvel's new favorite hero. Attendees at New York Comic Con took full advance of this, getting creative and doing the end credit Deadpool in a bathrobe, or tiny hands Deadpool. 
  9. Harry Potter Patronus: Pottermore released a test that will help you find out what your own personal Patronus would be! Show off guardian animal by dressing up as them this Halloween.
  10. Madeleine: After hitting Boardway this year, this adorable and beloved childhood character can be your Halloween costume. It can be easily made with a red neck-tie and ribbon on your hat. 

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