Top Ten Halloween Home Decorations for 2016!

Posted by on Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 at 10:04am.

Staten Island, the Halloween season is upon us!  If you are planning on decorating your home, here are some spooky scary details to add to your indoor and outdoor display.

  1. DIY Spider Webs! By using black garbage bags, you can make an amazing Halloween decor for the indoors or out! Trash bag spider webs is an easy and fun project circulating the Internet. Once complete, use it to cover the front of your home or a whole room inside!
  2. Skelton Animals!  We have seen these boney creatures all around, in various stores this year. Take advantage of the 2016 trend and add a skeleton bird to your porch railing, or have a skeleton dog or cat greet your guest at the end of the steps!

  3. Mudroom Witches! Who says your entryway or mudroom can only be used by the non-magical folks? Move your Halloween decorations into this area by hanging witches hats on coat hooks and lining up witches brooms by the front door. The skeleton pet can go well with this display, or opt in for a statue of a black cat. 
  4. Creepy Eyeball Spheres! Let's move on to things you can use to set a frightful table! Replace your fruit bowl with a bowl filled with eyeballs! These can be purchased anywhere from Etsy to Oriental Trading.

  5. Body Parts! These are easy yet gruesome additionals to add to any display and zombify it up! Add some severed or skeleton hands to a graveyard display or throw in these body parts to a dinner table set-up.

  6. Bloody tablecloth! This is not British slang we are breaking into, but another piece to add to your haunting dinner table display! Serve your dishes this Halloween on a dining room table cover with a bloody tablecloth.

  7. Witch Legs! If you do not have access to getting legs from a mannequin, just simply stuff colorful tights with recycled paper. Add a thin and long stick to keep the legs straight, then add witch-style shoes to the feet. Place the legs into a pot holder or positioned by your house, making it look like your house crushed the wicked witch!

  8. Melted Crayon Pumpkin! Halloween does not have to just be all orange and black! Use recycled, used, or leftover crayons to melt onto a white-painted pumpkin. Not only is it a nice decoration, it is a perfect craft project for the whole family!

  9. Halloween Destination Signs!  Bringing back the decoration seen in our Top 10 in 2015, show your visitors where your favorite fictional destinations directions would be with this DIY picket sign. Once painting the names of the places on individual pickets, nail them to a wooden plank or tree.

  10. Window Silhouettes! These are so simple to make; all you need is a large sheet of black paper. Draw a large silhouette  and cut around it. Stick the paper to the window, then add yellow or orange cellophane behind the silhouette, about the size of the window frame. It will look bright and vivid during the day, and glow with a backlight at night!

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