Top Ten Tips to Packing for a Vacation!

Posted by on Monday, May 22nd, 2017 at 4:24pm.

There are two levels on the “Packing Drama Spectrum”: extensive planning, yet over packing, or last minute packer and forgetting everything! Regardless where you fall, chances are you could use additional advice when it comes to packing for your next trip. Lucky for you, we know a few tips and tricks to packing efficiently, effectively, and light!

  1. Plan everything! Print out all your travel docs: hotel information, flight information, itinerary, addresses, etc). Organize these documents into a binder or folder and place in your backpack. This trip works great if you are traveling internationally, breezing you through customs. There are several things that can go wrong with technology, preventing you from being able to access your digital copies; Always have hard copies.
  2. Roll, not fold! Just like the army, roll your clothes. This trick will definitely help give your some extra space to pack more or perfect when coming home and needing to pack your souvenirs.  
  3. Pick a color palette for your outfits! When you are packing your clothes, pick a color palette and stick to it! This will ensure that everything goes with everything else and you won’t need to pack extra. Essentially, everything will match this way if you trail off the outfits you had planned to wear, it will all still go together.
  4. Ziploc everything! Starting with clothes, put everything in large Ziploc baggies; a complete outfit per Ziploc bag, including undies and socks. Be sure to squeeze the air out of them. This also goes for lotions, shampoos, soap, etc. It will ensure that everything will remain safe just in case something pops open on the travel. Once the outfit is worn, place it back in the Ziploc bag and pack away!
  5. Stuff your shoes! You can fill your shoes with smaller items if necessary. It can save serious space and prevent your footwear from being crumbled.
  6. Don’t pack shoes! Despite the previous tip, the best thing to do is pack as little pair of shoes as possible. Better off sticking to two pairs that will go with everything: one that is comfortable and good for walking, and ones that can be dressed up.
  7. Shop later! There are certain items you can always purchase once you arrive at your destination at the local CVS or department store. So, maybe save the extra weight and buy your lotion, shampoo, toothpaste, etc, once you land.
  8. Pack Toiletries separately! If you are not waiting until you arrive at your destination, then pack your toiletries separately from everything else. We suggest keeping them in an area in your suitcase on their own. Make sure you Ziploc and plastic bag all liquid based products!
  9. Wear layers! Sweaters take up a lot of room in a suitcase. Instead, wear your bulkiest sweater on the plane. Besides, more than likely, the flight will be cold and you will be happy you have the additional layer to take on and off.
  10. Don’t forget the basics! Before leaving your house, make sure you have your everyday essentials: keys, wallet, identification, tickets, passport, etc! Forgetting any of those things are not how you want to begin your vacation!

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