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Over the years, a lot has changed in Staten Island. Many historical properties have fallen into disrepair, struggled to maintain landmark status, or been sold off to developers for their valuable land.

Perhaps the most high profile and most controversial of these over the past few years was Mount Manresa, the Catholic retreat and natural gem filled with some of the oldest trees in New York City. Environmentalists and Catholics alike rallied to save this property and have it landmarked by the City of New York LPC.

When the almighty dollar won out and the property was sold to The Savo Brothers, many in the community were angered to lose this natural beauty. Borough president James Oddo was so peeved that he took revenge and named the streets in the…

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Early February, Wall Street plunges downward as the DOW Jones sends investors into a panic. How does this compare to other stock market dips of the past? Should we look for warning signs?

Not yet, exactly. This dip in the stock market (which has since recovered) does not represent a crash. The dip would have to be greater for it to be considered a crash, to at least 30%. At around 11%, this is more likely classified as a correction. If it fell further, it would be classified as a bear market.

The important thing to take away is that this may not be cause for panic, yet anyway. Stock market ebbs and flows are a normal part of the economy. We should be on the lookout for changes in the future and it is a fact that this upward spike could not sustain…

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Well here we are again- live and with a super important topic: Real Estate Video!

Live on Facebook, Anthony Licciardello and Hannah Jay discuss a passion: just why real estate video is so important today, and remains so in the advent of virtual tours. Though rising in popularity, virtual tours have a major downside, and we talk about why we believe they are not a good way to promote a home online.

We also talk about aerial drone video - a longtime passion of Anthony's. RealEstateSINY.com was one of the very first companies out there to recognize the importance of aerial video. It gives a sophisticated edge to property marketing that goes beyond just the flash and "wow" factor. We can actually show you the surrounding neighborhood this way. For a…

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So you're in the market for a new home on Staten Island. Consequently, on Saturday you say to your spouse lets take a ride and look at homes. So your first stop takes you to Annadale, you heard good things about the area and decided to start there. You spot a home, and there's a for sale sign out front. You grab the cell phone and call the real estate company listing the home, and they put you in touch with the listing agent who gives you all the details. The real estate agent is on another call; she will call back. Okay, moving along you have your Staten Island Advance Real Estate section handy and was intrigued by a new construction open house ad in Tottenville, and off you head out to the open house. The agent on site reveals all the great The home…

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By JoJo Spatafora

As many people do not realize, the monthly rent prices today are higher than in the past. Tenants are paying anywhere from $1,100 to $2,500 dollars a month in rent alone on Staten Island, all depending on how many bedrooms the apartment is. Now add in your utilities and you are paying far more than a monthly mortgage would be when owning a home, condo, or co-op.

Yes, as there are the advantages of not having to pay property taxes and having low maintenance when you are renting, there are also many disadvantages.

Unless you’re part of a rent-to-own agreement, every dollar you pay in rent is gone forever. No matter how long you remain in your rental unit, you can’t build equity in the property under a standard lease…

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With only around 1,200 homes for sale today in Staten Island and the market flooded with buyers it is truly a seller's market. What is a seller's market you ask? How will this benefit you as the seller? Let me explain. A seller's market is when there are more buyers than sellers resulting in higher prices due to the  excess of demand over supply. Due to the shortage of inventory multiple buyers will bid on a property turning it into a bidding war (sold to the highest bidder). Of course there are many factors that play a role in this.

One factor is choosing the right agent. Choosing the right agent is crucial to the sale of your home. The right agent can help you buy or sell your home quickly. Interview a couple of agents and ask yourself these…

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This Featured Sold Home is a breath taking colonial style single family detached home. 120 Golf Ave is located in the Staten Island neighborhood of Princess Bay. It was sold by our agents, Susan Frazer and Geralyn Liverani, for $990,000! Buy or Sell your home with us today!



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An interesting turn of events with the latest market statistics for the month of August 2013.

Staten Island market reportThe amount of homes sold in the month of August actually went down from the prior month, but hold on—we’ll get to that in a minute.

First of all, the amount of homes for sale on Staten Island took a drastic leap downwards, with only 2,291 homes on the market in August. This is a decrease of over four percent from July, with an additional 110 homes being on the market in the prior month.

With such a small amount of inventory to work with, homes have been selling like hotcakes.

The average number of cumulative days for homes being on the market in August was 129, which is a decrease of over twelve percent from July. This is also a decrease of about…

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Staten Island's Housing Market grows at a robust pace, only bested by tax credit month of June 2010. However, with higher mortgage interest rates, the housing market is likely to cool off a bit in the following months. 

In the past few months, we saw some pretty incredible numbers in the housing market—and this past month was no different. With the numbers from this past June, we can definitely see an improvement in the market.

First, let’s take a look at the monthly sales. Two hundred and ninety-five homes were sold this past June. This is astonishing, since it’s an increase of almost fourteen percent from May to June, and an increase of about nineteen percent from the prior year. It seems like we’re quoting ourselves month after month, but really,…

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