Anning S. Prall Intermediate School

The Sunset Hill neighborhood of Staten Island holds Intermediate School 27. It is located at 11 Clove Lake Place and has stood there since the early 1930s. This school was named in honor of Anning S. Prall; she was the president of the New York City Board of Education from 1919 to 1921, a member of the House of Representative in 1923, and was the first president of the Federal Communications Commission.

This intermediate school instructs students from sixth grade up until eighth grade, and also has special education classes. This school, unlike most other intermediate schools, has three different academies for their students to enter into. They have a Journalism Academy, a Engineering Academy, and a Enterprise Academy. With each academy they have unique programs designed for those students. They also offer classes in band, theatre arts and drama, art, and drug prevention. During lunch, the students are allowed to use Prall Playground to play around and it stays open after school hours for the local community to enjoy.

Intermediate School 27 Staten Island