Michael J. Petrides

Michael J. Petrides School

Located at 715 Ocean Terrace, in the neighborhood of lower Todt Hill, you can find the Michael J. Petrides Educational Complex. This school is named after a New York City Board of Education Staten Island representative, who was also a former teacher. This school allows children from all over Staten Island to apply and go here, it is one of the few unzoned schools on Staten Island.

This school is an all-encompassing school serving children from Kindergarten all the way to the twelfth grade. Michael J. Petrides Educational Complex is a comprehensive college preparatory school that offers many different programs for the students. They offer special education classes, a Special Arts program that is made up of band, orchestra, chorus, fine arts, sculpture, and graphic design, language classes in Italian and Spanish, Advanced Placement classes, and College Now classes. Being that it is a big school they offer a lot of different extracurricular activities and clubs for all the students. Some of these extracurricular activities include swimming, soccer, band, chorus, Key Club, Newspaper and Yearbook committees, student government, PSAL sports teams for the high school students, and many more! A nice thing about this school is that they give out laptops for each student to use.

Michael J. Petrides School Staten Island