New York City Residential Building Zone R2

Residential Building Code R2 Staten Island

R2 zoning allows for single-family detached homes. The houses are not as large as those in R1 zoning districts, as the minimum land lot width is forty feet wide. The minimum lot area for R2 zones is 3,800 square feet. The front yard must have a minimum depth of fifteen feet, while the rear yard must be at least thirty feet. Two side yards are required, which must equal at least thirteen feet. Each side yard must be at least 5 feet. One off-street parking space is required for this type of zoning.

On Staten Island, you can find many homes designated as being within R2 zoning districts just above the Staten Island Expressway—more specifically, in the communities surrounding Clove Lakes Park. These include the neighborhoods of Castleton Corners and Sunnyside.