New York City Residential Building Zone R3-1

Residential Building Code Staten Island R3-1

R3-1 zones allow for detached and semi-detached houses. Both the semi-detached and detached housing lots must have a front yard with a depth of at least fifteen feet and a rear yard of at least thirty feet. Each lot also requires its own off-street parking space.

Detached houses with this classification must have a lot width of at least forty feet and a lot area of at least 3,800 square feet. The two required side yards must total thirteen feet and each be at least five feet wide.

The semi-detached one- and two-family houses, on the other hand, must have a lot width of at least eighteen feet, with a lot area of at least 1,700 square feet. Only one side yard is required for these lots and they must be at least eight feet wide.

R3-1 zoning is very common on Staten Island, being spread throughout the borough. Many homes in New Dorp, South Beach, Great Kills, and Grant City are residentially zoned with the designation of R3-1.