New York City Residential Zoning Code R3X

Lots designated as being within the confines of R3X zoning contain one- or two-family detached houses. The lot width of these houses must be at least thirty-five feet wide, while the lot area must be at least 3,325 square feet. Similar to R3A zoning, R3X zoning requires a front yard of at least ten feet deep that is also as deep as its neighboring front yards. The rear yard must be at least thirty feet, while the two required side yards must have a width of at least ten feet in total. The two side yards must also be at least two feet each, though the distance between two separate houses must be at least eight feet in width.One off-street parking space is required for each lot.

R3X zoning is very common on Staten Island. In fact, much of Staten Island’s neighborhood of Tottenville falls under R3X residential home zoning. Also, substantial parts of Westerleigh, Randall Manor, Great Kills, Pleasant Plains, and Grant City were rezoned R3X in the early 2000's. Much of the rezoning that took place during the time of the real estate boom where changed to this zone from R 3-2 residential zoning.