Public School 26

"Respect - Responsibility - Rigor"

In the late nineteenth century, the American Linoleum Manufacturing Company donated land for the purpose of creating a school in the neighborhood of Linoleumville. By 1880, a school building was erected for Public School 26. In 1916, the school was designated as The Carteret School for Sir George Carteret, Lord Proprietor of Carolina and New Jersey during the seventeenth century. The current address for the school is 4108 Victory Boulevard, in today’s Staten Island neighborhood of Travis.

Public School 26 has special education classes, as well as classes students from pre-kindergarten through the fifth grade. The school strives to help its students achieve academic success by offering programs in reading, writing, math, character, dance, and art. The school also offers after-school programs: Lego robotics, nutrition and fitness, book club, yearbook, chess, chorus, and band.

Public School 26 Staten Island