Public School 65

"Where Every Student is a Child of Promise..."

Public School 65 sits at 98 Grant Street, where there were once two other schools that sat in that same address. The first building for a school was built around 1855, but became too small to hold all the children so they demolished it and rebuilt another school in the late 1890s. This second school was known as Public School 15, up until 1965 when the school had closed. The school had reopened in 2008 for the new school year as Public School 65, The Academy of Innovative Learning. The school’s building is actually now a New York City Landmark, being designated in 1996.

This school instructs children from Pre-Kindergarten up to the fifth grade and has special education classes, both mixed and individual, for those students that need it. Their programs consist of music, fine arts, drama, video production, peer tutoring, and more! Public School 65 also offers some extracurricular activities, which includes student government, basketball teams, cheerleading, peer mediation, debate team, school newspaper, and more!

Public School 65 Staten Island