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There have been significant changes in the real estate industry in recent years. Besides being one of the most challenging markets we have seen in a century, the dynamics of how the market operates have drastically changed as a result.

Today, nearly 100% of home buyers will use the internet as their key resource for finding their next home - a change that we at Prodigy Real Estate saw coming years ago.

Since 2008, in the midst of the worst recession in modern history, we experienced incredible growth. With over 40 million site visitors and 28,000 registered users we have had a sales growth of over 300% year over year! To put that in perspective, the housing market had shed nearly 70% of its volume sales over the same five year period. What Prodigy Real Estate and our team of Staten Island REALTORS® have been able to accomplish over the last decade is rather remarkable.

How and Why We Came About...

We studied the patterns of today's much savvier home buyer, and provide them with a much more complete approach to the home buying experience.

I'm sure you have seen the national websites that display real estate listings. We took that concept and improved it for our customers. The main key was to make our website engaging and useful, to keep home buyers tuning in with us daily. For us, this means frequent posts to social media that are so dazzling, they “stop the scroll.” In turn, we're able to engage proactively with our clients and turn them into warm leads.

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We knew to be in control of how potential buyers viewed the homes we listed. That means controlling the advertising medium in which we now operate. Beyond just a real estate company, we are an entire internet media channel for Staten Island real estate. What does that mean for our clients? It means we can market the way we want, without much reliance on third-party marketing platforms. We will show your home the way YOU want others to see it. We have control over an entire advertising medium. No executives in far-off boardrooms deciding how your home should be seen online by the rest of the world!

For buyers, we offer a website and social media presence that surpasses any single entity locally - even nationally. We provide the most accurate and up-to-date data on every available property for sale on Staten Island and Ocean/Monmouth counties. It's searchable, easy to manage, and is a one-stop resource for consumers interested in purchasing a home on Staten Island or the Jersey Shore.

Our knowledge of local communities has allowed us to categorize locations and towns based on buyer needs. With the click of a mouse, a call, or online chat to set up appointments, the service our Staten Island real estate agents provide for our clients is unprecedented for a local real estate company.


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What it Means for our Sellers...

We're not just another real estate company, but an entire local real estate media channel. Our site name,, is part of our marketing strategy; it's both generic and Staten Island-specific. Our specialty is helping Staten Island sellers transition to their beloved new homes in New Jersey.

The number one job of any seller’s agent is to generate buyers for their sellers' listings. No one has done a better job than us in creating a complete strategy that features both proactive and reactive marketing strategies.

Total Control of your Home's Advertising Position...

With buyers consistently engaging us, we're able to market our listings by showcasing our sellers' homes where buyers will be looking. This puts us in control, rather than having to rely on third-party advertising firms. We boast a local, targeted social media following in the thousands and counting.

By being proactive in our marketing, we're able to efficiently match our registered buyers with listings that meet their specific criteria. This contrasts with what you might think that real estate marketing is, and that's what we mean by being proactive. This feature alone is one of the key reasons we have been as successful as we have been in getting our clients' homes sold.

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We Use a Public Relations Format to Advertise Our Listings...

Historically, there has been little about real estate marketing that has been exciting. But we've changed that quite a bit!

One thing you'll notice about most real estate marketing is that the agent only provides a quick summary of a property's specifics, with maybe a few lines highlighted. We on the other hand, provide a comprehensive overview of what it's like to live in your particular home and neighborhood, as well as point out positive features that your home offers. This is done visually in video format, engaging buyers on social media. Video marketing is far superior to just writing copy. Users (i.e. buyers) find it much more interesting to watch a video instead, which will stop their scroll! That is, they stop scrolling social media because your home’s listing jumped out at them, planting the seeds for them find out more about it!

Our house-run Facebook group, Staten New York to New Jersey and Florida Real Estate, now has 4,000 members and is growing exponentially. This group is a goldmine, full of interested buyers and their agents. We can control which listings get seen first! I.e. your listing :)

We are the only company locally that is able to perform this level of marketing. We offer in-house professional video production, drone video and photography for every listing. Who else can say that?

In Conclusion.

Our company was built not just on an idea, but a completely tangible and carefully planned marketing approach for what may be our client's greatest asset. The simplest example of that is to read our case studies. You don’t have to take our word for it- our marketing works! Our tried and true case studies prove it.

It's this kind of confidence that has driven us to increase business by more than 300% since we opened. Our agents and company leadership are proud to be at the forefront of what the real estate industry has become, and we have hired the very best agents to exceed your expectations. That means our clients are getting the very best service, and we stand for nothing less. We look forward to serving you soon!

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