How to become a real estate agent in Staten Island. 

If you've reached this page, it's likely that you're exploring a potential career in real estate. You'll want to start by finding a real estate company that provides you, a brand new REALTOR®, with the ability to grow individually and conquer the challenges of the real estate market today and in the future.

Where Do I Start My Career?

How to start and grow a career in real estate is one of the most compelling challenges a new reaestate professional faces. There's a lot to consider when researching brokerages to support your career, like training programs available, advertising policies and lead conversion strategies. When we started in the real estate business, we were asking the same questions you are now, and we're always willing to answer any questions you have.

Prodigy Real Estate is one of Staten Island's fastest growing real estate companies. Right now, approximately 90% of the real estate market moves online, which means you want a team that's implementing cutting-edge internet strategies and marketing methods-that's us. We have been able to grow exponentially because of our ability to capitalize on the local market with an incredibly innovative real estate website. But we know there's more to real estate success than having the best online presence in Staten Island. That's why we provide our staff of REALTORS® the resources and one-on-one support they need to become successful agents and have profitable careers.

Let's talk about a few of the ways we ensure our agents meet and exceed their real estate goals:

Comprehensive In-House Training

Our in-house training program is fully comprehensive, giving you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. From effective and impressive listing presentations to getting a deal to close, we set a course that will make you a pro for years to come. We'll talk about online branding, time management, and quality control, in addition to helping you create a marketing strategy that will outperform your competition.

Anthony Licciardello our broker owners, was an industry top producer on Staten Island. She helps fresh REALTORS® put together amazing marketing packages that are designed to help your potential buyers and sellers navigate the home process, from start to finish.

State of The Art Technology

Work with a company that controls its entire web-based platform in-house! There are significant competitive advantages to working for a company that handles its entire web presence in-house. It means we can target competitive niches for you on the fly, and implement your ideas quickly and efficiently. We do all our online marketing in-house because we understand how the web works and how Staten Island home buyers and sellers use it.

Anthony Licciardello, the broker owner of Prodigy Real Estate, has been repeatedly recognized as one of the top online real estate professionals in the industry. Under his guidance and support, we're able to do some pretty amazing things in creating your online presence without the help of someone unaffiliated. We know that online success can't be achieved with a one-day seminar-it's an ongoing process that includes constant attention and maintenance. Our ownership will train, create and enhance your online presence daily, allowing you to focus your time and energy on being a proficient real estate professional. Prodigy Real Estate allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of a strong online presence without being a tech genius.

Print & Traditional Marketing

In addition to our cutting edge website, we also cater to more traditional home buyers and sellers, as well. Our print marketing is designed both in-house and by contracted creative professionals, ensuring you receive the best marketing possible. Our print marketing puts the "wow" into presentations with carefully designed, top-quality materials that will distinguish you from the crowd. Better still, our print marketing provides comprehensive information to your clients and adds dramatic appeal to the homes we list and sell.

Lead Generation & Consistent Success

Our agents are always on the go because our business model works. Every agent in our office is provided with company-generated leads on a consistent basis. We feel this initiative is paramount to our success as a brokerage, as well as for the support of our agents. Our cutting edge, lead generation systems allow our agents to remove dry spells from their business-especially with new careers. Visit us today and we'll show you just how many leads we generate regularly.

We provide the tools home buyers and sellers need, and have become a trusted resource for information. Take a look around our site and you will see why people come to to learn about Staten Island real estate. This, in turn, creates continual leads for our office, which we then hand over to our dedicated real estate agents of all skill levels.

A Supportive & Positive Work Environment

Prodigy Real Estate believes in providing real estate agents with a positive work environment, complete with office transparency. We believe a team environment is the key to our success, as new agents and long-term top producers work together in the same space. Best of all, our company is a fun and exciting place, which is exactly what we envisioned when we opened our doors. We know the success of our company comes from the positive work environment and team spirit you will find within our office.

If you're looking for a real estate company that offers complete training, cutting edge technology, social media marketing, and a great work environment-all with the ability to earn while you learn-then give us a call today at 718-701-5626 or email

Need help with navigating your real estate career questions like: Where can I find a real estate school on Staten Island? Where do I take my New York State Real Estate License exam? What are the education requirements to be a real estate agent? Does Prodigy Real Estate sponsor individuals for their real estate exam? Give us a call at 718-701-5626. We can help.