Staten Island Neighborhoods

St. George, Staten IslandInside the borders of the nation's largest city, New York, you will find the borough of Staten Island. It's comprised of 59 square miles of land, and is home to nearly 500,000 residents.

Modern-day Staten Island is made up of a wide array of communities and neighborhoods. Geographically, the boroughs are divided into three separate but distinct areas; the North Shore, Mid-Island, and South Shore.


Staten Island is perhaps the borough in New York that most closely resembles a suburb, not just because of its distance from the city, but also because it is the least densely populated. As Staten Island's population is the smallest, it may seem to the outside observer that it's small in area. In actuality, if it were a city, Staten Island would be the 16th largest in the country.

Sitting at the mouth of the Hudson River, Staten Island is the southernmost point in New York State, and is one of the most strategically placed military points in New York and New England. In light of that, Staten Island's history is quite storied, especially during the revolutionary war period. Staten Island's colorful history helps to shape the borough we now call home.


Oftentimes, the mid-island section is broken up into two parts; one being the West Shore, which includes neighborhoods like Travis, Bulls Head and New Springville. The other is on the East Shore, and the neighborhoods there are South Beach, Grasmere, Old Town and Grant City, among others.


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