Richmondtown Homes For Sale

Located in the mid-island section of Staten Island, Richmondtown offers homebuyers many different housing options from beautiful townhomes on quiet cul de sacs to luxurious, sprawling, contemporary mansions. Richmondtown is known for its Historic Richmond Town, a living history village with quaint rock walls and original homes still standing after 350 years! Although the area still features a fair number of older homes, much of the area has seen a considerable amount of new construction over the past two decades.

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Richmondtown Homes For Sale in Staten Island, NY

Richmondtown Townhouses & Luxury Homes

Construction of homes in the Richmondtown area came in phases. In the 1950's, High Ranch homes and traditional one story ranch homes were popular types of development and can be found on the eastern-most side of the neighborhood on Nattick Street, Park Street, West Cedarview Avenue, Pinewood Avenue, and Wilder Avenue.

The next phase of development took place in the 1980's when Richmondtown began to identify itself as a luxury home community. Larger homes, with more luxurious features, became the norm in the community. Broadside Ranch homes, sprawling California ranches, and sprawling contemporary homes were popular. These homes are more prevalent in west Richmondtown.

The late 1990's and 2000's saw a considerable amount of new construction. Modern architecture styles are similar to many modern upscale neighborhoods on Staten Island. Over the last decade, Center Hall Colonials and Side Hall Colonials have made up the bulk of the new construction. Many of these homes, costing over a million dollars, are why Richmondtown is now considered one of the premiere luxury home communities on Staten Island.

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