Heartland Village Homes For Sale

Heartland Village real estate is very close to Staten Island's most notable shopping destinations: the Staten Island Mall. This makes it one of the most popular neighborhoods on the island. It is located within the boundaries of Richmond Avenue, Rockland Avenue, Richmond Hill Road, and Forest Hill Road. Most Heartland Village homes were built after the construction of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Heartland Village real estate includes considerably more condo units than other Staten Island locales.

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Heartland Village Homes For Sale in Staten Island, NY

Heartland Village Homes

Affordable Heartland Village real estate has a considerable amount of single-family, two-family detached and semi-attached homes as well as mid-rise condo developments. Most of Heartland Village homes were built from the mid 1970s onwards. There is also a good amount of recent construction, which is made up of townhomes and semi-attached houses.

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