Annadale, Staten Island Relocation Guide

Often described as an upscale community, Annadale sits on the South Shore of Staten Island.

During the late twentieth century, the construction of Annadale townhouses began. With this, Annadale was split and the southeast corner began to be known as "Southeast Annadale". Down the road, builders started constructing detached custom houses instead of townhouses. See homes for sale on Nicolosi Dr. and Nicolosi Loop.

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History of Real Estate in Annadale

In 1860, a railway station was built in the area, connecting it to what is now the Staten Island Railway. The treasurer of this railroad was Stephen Seguine, a Huguenot (or member of France's Protestant church). Not too long after the station opened, it was named after Mr. Seguine's wife, Anna Seguine. In 1898, when Staten Island became one of the boroughs of New York City, the neighborhood itself used the name of the station and has since been known as Annadale.

During the early 1700's, most of the roads on Staten Island were given names. Many of them were named after the owners of the property or natural features of the area, such as Arbutus Road. Others, such as Road to Richmondtown, were named for the point to which they led. Seguine Avenue and Poillon Avenue were named after Huguenot family's, who lived in the area. Immigrants from Spain purchased land on the shoreline in Annadale in 1923.

For several decades, this secluded community was known as "Spanish Camp". In 2000, ancestors of the founders sold the property, which was demolished to make room for larger homes. During the 1990's, one-quarter of the pre-existing buildings were constructed, giving Annadale more than 10,000 housing units in total.

Annadale Parks & Recreation

During the early 1900's, a park was established by Annadale Road and Jefferson Boulevard. In 1953, a plaque was posted near the mall on Jefferson Boulevard, commemorating Annadale's residents who had given their lives in the Korean War and World War II. One decade later, this plaque was moved to the park, which at the time was known as "Annadale Park", to be mounted on a boulder. The park's name was changed in 1998 to "Annadale Green". Made to look like a small town, the park is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and the Annadale train station. There are annual ceremonies held at Annadale Green each Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. In addition, the park is decorated during each holiday season.

In prestigious Annadale, which is just by the shore, you will find Blue Heron Park, which is part of Staten Island's Bluebelt. This park is often referred to as the heart of Southeast Annadale. In the park, there are six large ponds, which were left behind by the Wisconsin glacier, and several small bodies of water, such as the streams which lead to Raritan Bay. Known for its biodiversity, the park was named for the blue herons who call it home. Aside from the beautiful view, there is also a visitors center by the Poillon Avenue entrance, which includes classrooms, a library, and exhibit areas for park visitors.

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Annadale Schools & Transportation

In 1939, Annadale Station was given a station house. Decades later, the station was rebuilt and given a Park and Ride area. When heading to the ferry, the train will only take about twenty minutes. You can also take the #78 bus, which travels along Hylan Boulevard and will take you to Tottenville. The #59, which travels from Tottenville too, takes you to Port Richmond, passing the Staten Island Mall along the way. You can also take the #55 to the Staten Island Mall or to Arthur Kill Road.

Annadale's Manhattan-bound bus, the x24, will take you into Midtown Manhattan if you do not feel like taking the bus and ferry. The Korean Way Veterans Parkway is also available to the north, for those with cars.

These buses, as well as the school buses, serve as reliable transportation to the schools in Annadale. There are three Public Schools: P.S. 3, which is located on Goff Street and began as a two-room schoolhouse; P.S. 5, on Deisius Street, and P.S. 25, on Hylan Boulevard.

I.S. 51 on Huguenot Avenue and Tottenville High School on Luten Avenue serve the area as well. Annadale is also home to several Catholic schools, such as St. Joseph by the Sea High School, which is located on Hylan Boulevard.

Living in Annadale

In addition to the schools, there are many churches such as St. Mary Star of the Sea on Amboy Road, Messiah Lutheran Church on Jefferson Boulevard, and Saint Michael's Home Cemetery on Woodrow Road.

A Citgo is located on Hylan Boulevard, as well as a Diya Discount store on Seguine Avenue, and Annadale's own diner is on Annadale Road. There are many other places to shop and eat in the area. The New York Public Library on Huguenot Avenue also serves the neighborhood.

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