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Homes in Castleton Corners, Staten IslandThomas Dongan was born in the early 17th century at Castletown, in the county of Kildare, Ireland.  On September 30, 1682, the Duke of York appointed Thomas Dongan as Governor and Admiral of the Province of New York.  Less than five years later, on 16 April, Governor Dongan was granted 5,100 acres on the Kill Van Kull, which he named the "Lordshippe or Manner of Cassiltowne".  In 1778, Staten Island was divided into the sections of Northfield, Southfield, Westfield, and Castleton, which was named for Dongan's estate.  Castleton was later divided into five neighborhoods; one neighborhood kept the original name and was called "Castleton Corners".

If you were to look at a map, you would see that Castleton Corners is shaped like the backwards version of the letter ‘L'.  In 1872, a post office by the name of Castleton Corners Post Office was erected at the intersection of Victory Boulevard and Manor Road.   Before its construction, the neighborhood of Castleton Corners had gone through quite a few names, such as "Centerville" and "Four Corners".  However, within a few years of the post office being open, the neighborhood had a name change to match that of the post office.Small Cape Cod home in Castleton Corners, Staten Island 10314
After the civil war, there was a severe lack of transportation throughout Staten Island.  People would have to walk quite far to reach any means of transportation.  During this time, the general means of transportation was by horse-drawn stagecoaches.  Luckily, two of these stagecoaches ran to Castleton Corners; one came from Clifton, which at the time was known as Vanderbilt's Landing, and another from the West New Brighton railroad station.  An advantage of this was that Bodine's Inn was located in Castleton Corners, which accommodated travelers going from New York to Philadelphia.

It is quite difficult to discern the streets which make up the boundaries of Castleton Corners.  We do know, however, that it is surrounded by the neighborhoods of Sunnyside, West Brighton, Westerleigh, Meiers Corners, and Todt Hill.   To the east of the neighborhood, in Sunnyside, is Clove Lakes Park.  Arguably, the most popular park on Staten Island, Clove Lakes Park has fitness trails, hiking paths, many sports fields, its own restaurant, an ice skating rink, and so much more.  To the south of the neighborhood, you have the easily accessible Staten Island Expressway.   There is also Victory Boulevard, above the Staten Island Expressway, which is where most Castleton Corners residents shop and dine.

Armory Castleton CornersWhen it comes to Staten Island real estate markets Castleton Corners is considered one of Staten Island's older home communities. From custom style English Tudors to classically styled colonial homes the area is known for its old world charter that gives the area an unquestionable charm. There is a more distinct section of Castleton Corners known as Royal Oak. The area has drawn a bit of its own distinction as one of the North Shore's more exclusive high end to luxury home market segments. The area has been granted its own name from the real estate community as Royal Oak. While there are some loose connections with a neighborhood actually named Royal Oak, it seems that more than likely is was generated out of a more in creating a trendy real estate niche.

One of the most well-known landmarks of Staten Island is located in Castleton Corners.  What was first used as a stable foSmall Store fronts in Castleton Corners, Commercialr horses of the New York State Guard in the early 19th century is now home to the National Guard.  The "Manor Road Castle", as it is most often referred as, was built in 1926.  This building, which is actually one of the several New York State Armories, sits at 321 Manor Road.  The armory's exterior has stayed the same since it was built decades ago.  The only difference is that there having been a brick addition to the building.  Within the armory are displays of guidons, firearms, tanks, and more.

There are quite a few schools to attend in the area.  For public school, most Castleton Corners residents attend P.S. 29. They will then go on to either I.S. 51 or I.S. 27 for junior high school, and then to Wagner High School.  There is also St. Teresa's, which educates children from pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade.

There are three buses in Castleton Corners, which travel from St. George-the s61, s62, and s66.  The s61 travels to the Staten Island Mall, while the s62 travels to Travis and the s66 travels to Port Richmond.  These buses all travel along Victory Boulevard to get to their destinations.  In addition, you have the s93, which travels to and from the College of Staten Island and Bay Ridge, also along Victory Boulevard.  The s54, which no longer runs on the weekend, travels along Manor Road to West New Brighton and Eltingville.  There are also the x10, x11, x12, and x42 express buses, which travel through the neighborhood to get to Manhattan.