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North of Annadale and south and west of Great Kills, you will find the Staten Island town of Eltingville.  Eltingville was originally known as South Side, and later Sea Side.  The Dutch and French Huguenots were the first settlers in this area.  By the late 1800's, the area's name was finally changed to "Eltingville", in respect to the Dutch Elting family.

Atlantic Village EltingvilleBy the early 20th century, Scandinavian emigrants made their homes in Eltingville-literally.  Many of the homes in the area were built by Scandinavians.  During the 1950's, many of the houses in Eltingville were built.  However, you can still find a few that were built during the early 1700's.  Two of these houses, said to be built by 1720, are the Brougham Cottage and the Woods of Arden House.  The Brougham Cottage is located at 4746 Amboy Road, near Arden Avenue, by many other houses.  The Woods of Arden House, on the other hand, is much harder to see.  It is located at 4515 Hylan Boulevard, but has much vegetation surrounding it, which makes it easy to pass by.

During the late 1950's, Richmond Avenue was populated mostly by farms.  By the mid-1960's, many new homes began to replace these farms, turning Richmond Avenue into a main street.  The development of these houses lasted until about 1975.  During the next few decades, several houses were bLuxury Home on Wakefield Rd., Staten Islanduilt, leaving few vacant lots.  Many of these are detached and semi-detached homes, with several new construction custom-built homes. Most notable types of homes are High Ranch Homes which are usually detached. Most of these homes can be either one or two family homes. The standard one story ranch also a familiar type of home you'll find on the Eltingville landscape. Some of Eltingville sits along the Raritan Bay waterfront. A small waterfront community on Wakefield Rd. feature a number of luxury homes with several being newly constructed that sit just along the waterfront.

Back in the mid 90's the Eltingville was part of a rezoning in order to address what is commonly known as a Mother/Daughter homes. Since then Realtors were unable to advertise a home for sale as a mother daughter home. Many felt the advertising of a mother daughter was deceitful, because it insinuated the person could obtain a rental income for an illegal apartment.
Eltingville is home to its own Transit Center.  It is located at the intersection of Arthur Kill Road and Richmond Avenue.  Completed in 2004, the Eltingville Transit Center features a park-and-ride lot with free parking, as well as vending machines for beverages, snacks, and Metro-Cards.  There are quite a few local buses that come by here: you have the MTA Bus  55, which goes to and from the Staten Island Mall and the Arthur Kill Rd. runs via Annadale Road; the MTA Bus 56, which also travels to and from the Staten Island Mall, but goes instead to Tottenville via Arden Avenue; the MTA bus 59, which leaves Eltingville to go to Port Richmond; the 74 and 84, which goes from Overlooking Raritan Bay from EltingvilleTottenville to the St. George Ferry via Richmond Road and Arthur Kill Road; the 79, which leaves the Staten Island Mall to go to Bay Ridge via Hylan Boulevard; and the 89, which leaves Eltingville to travel to 34th Street in New Jersey via Richmond Avenue.  You also have your express buses, which travel all over through Lower and Midtown Manhattan.  These are the x1, x4, x5, x7, x8, x15, x17A, x17C, x17J, and x31.  The Eltingville Transit Center is located almost right in between the Staten Island Mall and the Eltingville Railway Station.

Built in 1860, the Eltingville Railway Station is located at Richmond Avenue and Eltingville Boulevard.  Originally, there was an Optimo cigar store next to the steps of the station's platform, which was run by one of the Scandinavian settlers.  In the 1990's, the store was burnt down.  The two columns which held the store's canopy, however, are still standing.  Rebuilt in the 1930's, the Railway Station contains two side platforms and a station house.  The southbound platform contains an exit to Eltingville Boulevard, where you can take one of the local buses to the Staten Island Mall or an express bus to Manhattan.  The station house, on the other hand, is located by the western platform on Richmond Avenue.

Waterfront Eltingville


The opening of the Eltingville Railway Station was the cause of many businesses being built.  They were all built around this railway station because of the easy travel access.  Now, Eltingville has supermarkets, delis, restaurants, and many other facilities in the area.  These are mostly located along the main roads of Hylan Boulevard, Amboy Road, and Richmond Avenue.  Many other delis, stores, pizzerias, and business, such as the John Vincent ScaliaRanch Home on Pacific Ave. Eltingville Funeral Home, are located elsewhere in the neighborhood. See Staten Island commercial real estate listings.

Eltingville is served by several schools.  You have P.S. 42, which was originally located in what is now its annex.  The annex has been used for Grades 1 and 2 since 1967, while the new building is located at 380 Genesee Avenue.  Your other public school, which is located at 54 Osborne Street, is P.S. 55.  AT 1270 Huguenot Avenue, you have Eltingville's intermediate school, Elias Bernstein I.S. 7.  As far as high schools, there is Tottenville High School at 100 Luten Avenue, which is approximately two miles from west of Eltingville and sits in Huguenot.  You also have your pre-kindergarten at 300 Genesee Avenue, the Eltingville Lutheran School, and the Holy Child Preschool at 4747 AmboyRoad.  The Holy Child Preschool takes in children from eighteen months old up to two years and ten months old for their Mommy and Me Program.  Once they reach two years and twelve months, they begin preschool, which allows children up to five years old.  In addition to these schools, there is also Eltingville's own YMCA gym, which is located at 3939 Richmond Avenue. For information on neighborhoods, homes for sale on Staten Island, and Staten Island real estate check back often.