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Federal Style Home in Emerson Hill, Staten Island NYFrom the northeast to the southwest, you will find a range of hills, which is commonly referred to as Staten Island's "backbone."  During the 1830's, a lawyer from Massachusetts, William Emerson, visited the Island.  Emerson immediately fell in love with it and moved from his home in Concord to a community on one of Staten Island's hills, known as Dutch Farms, where he became the county judge from 1841-1844.  He purchased an old house that had been built prior to the Revolution.  William's brother, the famed poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, would often visit from his home in Massachusetts.  During one of his visits, he named William's house "The Snuggery."

During the early twentieth century, Cornelius G. Kolff dedicated much of his time to Staten Island.  He was the President, Secretary, trustee, founder, and leader of many organizations on Staten Island.  Some of the institutionsCastle Style Home in Emerson Hillhe was involved in were the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, the Parks Association, and the Staten Island Historical Society.  Aside from these, Cornelius G. Kolff was a prominent real estate developer.  Staten Island's "backbone" was developed during the late 1920's and early 1930's.  Cornelius G. Kolff, a fan of Ralph Waldo Emerson's work, named the hill upon which William Emerson resided as "Emerson Hill."

During the Revolution, a noteworthy Loyalist occupied The Snuggery.  This woman, Ann Crocheron, had full access to everywhere and became an expert spy for the British.  Quite often, she would seduce Continental officers to her home where they would be captured by the British.  After her death, the only noteworthy person who had inhabited the house was William Emerson.  In 1855 the Snuggery, which was located at 37 Douglas Road, burned down.  William Emerson, who had by then became the County Judge, built a new house not far from where the Snuggery had been.  A few years later, however, Emerson and his family moved back to Massachusetts.

View of Raritan Bay from Emerson HillThe community of Emerson Hill takes up about three square acres of Staten Island, much of it being made up of flora. To the north of Emerson Hill, you will find the Staten Island Expressway, which separates it from Grymes Hill.  To the south of the neighborhood, you will find Todt Hill, another upscale community located on a hill in Staten Island's proverbial hilled "backbone."

Today, Emerson his is one of Staten Island's luxury home communities.  Its homes and neighborhood character is similar to that of Grymes Hill. The neighborhood is extremely secluded, with a variety of tress, predominantly oak and maples, that can eclipse 60 feet with ease. The home styles range from classic English Tudors, to Federal Style, and even some more modern Center Hall Colonials make up a majority of the Emerson Hill landscape.

View from house in Emerson Hill

If you're looking for Older Style homes, you will find most to the southern side of the neighborhood, with the newer Spanish Villa Style Colonial in Emerson Hillhome construction taking shape on the northern side. Oddly enough access to each side of Emerson Hill is not possible directly through the community, and takes some navigating to get to one side or the other. Consequently, the limited access seems like a fundamental barrier from Emerson Hills more modern community from it older more established side. The neighborhood is one of the most picturesque, tree shaded communities in Staten Island with incredible vistas that span from New York Harbor to the Highlands of New Jersey across the Raritan Bay. If you're in the market to purchase a luxury home, the secluded hill of Emerson Hill is one place to look, or rather than overlook.
There are several buses which pass by Emerson Hill to get to their destinations.  The local buses in the area are the s53, which takes Broadway to Port Richmond or Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; the s66, which takes Victory Boulevard to the St. George Ferry Terminal or Port Richmond; the s74, which takes Richmond Road to the Bricktown Mall, as well as the New Construction homes Emerson Hill, Staten IslandSt. George Ferry Terminal; and the s76, which also goes to the St. George Ferry Terminal from Oakwood, via Richmond Road.  The express buses that pass by Emerson Hill are the x10, the x14, and the x15.  The x10 takes Gannon Avenue into Midtown Manhattan, while the x14 takes Clove Road into West Midtown Manhattan and the x15 takes Richmond Road to Lower Manhattan.  All of the express buses travel along the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to get into Manhattan.

The public schools in the area are P.S. 35, at 60 Foote Avenue; the Staten Island Community Charter School, at 309 St. Paul's Avenue; I.S. 49, at 101 Warren Street; the Michael J. Petrides School, at 715 Ocean Terrace; and Concord High School, at 109 Rhine Avenue.  A handful of private schools are also in the area.  The nearest Catholic Schools are the Academy of St. Dorothy, at 1305 Hylan Boulevard; St. Sylvester School, at 884 Targee Street; Notre Dame Academy High School, at 134 Howard Avenue; and St. Joseph Hill Academy High School, at 850 Hylan Boulevard.  Other private schools in the area include the Trinity Lutheran School, at 309 St. Paul's Avenue, and the Staten Island Academy, at 715 Todt Hill Road.

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