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Blue Roof Home in Randall Manor Staten IslandIn 1756, a meeting was held to find a way to supply thousands of men for the navy.  After the meeting, the Marine Society was formed, which became the first charity for seamen.  Captain Thomas Randall, a prominent sea captain, became a part of this organization and became well-known for his philanthropy until his life ended on October 27, 1797.

At this time Robert Richard Randall, Thomas' son, took over, following in his father's footsteps.  In 1771, Robert, who had been called "Captain" by his friends and colleagues, had become a member of the Marine Society.  In 1790, he had purchased a twenty-one acre plot of land known as the "Minto farm", which added to the acreage he later obtained when his father passed away.  His land in total consisted of over eighty acres.Tudor Homes in Randall Manor, Staten Island

In 1801, Captain Robert Richard Randall wrote his will.  After stating the amount of money each person would get, the will read that Randall's estate would go to members of the Chamber of Commerce, of which he had been a part, and members of the Marine Society.  It also stated that on the remainder of his land, he wished an asylum to be built "for the purpose of maintaining and supporting aged, decrepit and worn-out sailors."  He also wished it to be called "Sailors' Snug Harbor."  In 1833, Sailors' Snug Harbor opened in the neighborhood of New Brighton.

In 1927, a portion of land was sold by Sailors' Snug Harbor to a building corporation.  This area consisted of land from Cottage home in Randall Manor Staten IslandHenderson Avenue to Forest Avenue and included the Sailor's Snug Harbor Cemetery.  During the 1950's, many of the structures that had been built in Sailors' Snug Harbor were in bad shape.  At this time, these decrepit buildings were demolished.  By the time the 1960's rolled around, the remaining residents of Sailors' Snug Harbor were moved to North Carolina and land developers decided to build on the land.  However, Sailors' Snug Harbor still owned the Cemetery, putting older gravestones into storage and retaining the records of the cemetery.
The land between Henderson Avenue and Forest Avenue that had been sold inFederal Style Home in Randall Manor, Staten Island 1927 to be developed upon became its own little neighborhood, below Sailors' Snug Harbor.  The community is situated between the neighborhoods of New Brighton and West Brighton.  After its development, it became known as Randall Manor, in honor of Captain Robert Richard Randall.

Below Sailors' Snug Harbor Cemetery is the nine-acre tract of land known as Allison Park.  When the park had still been a part of Sailors' Snug Harbor, its pond had supplied the institution with water.  However, the pond was rendered useless when a water system was put in place in Staten Island.  Being of no use to the asylum, the area surrounding the pond was given to the City, who, in 1943, assigned it to the Parks Department.  Now, the pond is used for fishing.  Aside from the pond, many species of flora inhabit the park and there is an area for dog runs at the end of one of the park's trails. Allison Park and Pond Tree lined Street in Randall Manor Staten Islandis surrounded by the streets of Prospect Avenue, North Randall Avenue, and Brentwood Avenue.

Today, Randall Manor is one of Staten Island most charming and character laden neighborhoods as you will find in New York City. Streets are graced with maples, and oak trees that tower over the community streets placing it under a blanket of shade. Consequently, you will find s trees in this neighborhood to rise over 100 feet in height, and are as old as 300 years.
The housing stock is a made up of a verity of slate roofed Tudor homes, Cottages, Spanish Colonial and traditionalTraditional New Englanf Colonial Randall Manor Staten Island New England colonial style,  and Federal Style homes to name a few. The charm of each of the homes are unmistakable.  Randal Manor real estate is not easy to come by as the neighborhood has little turnover, but compared to other New York City real estate these homes come at a relative bargain. If you're looking for new construction homes on Staten Island, this is one neighborhood where it is almost completely absent. While there may be complete renovations or upgrades of existing homes, new homes are not something you find in this neighborhood. Charm, tranquility, and unmistakable character make Randal Manor one of Staten Island's most sought-after real estate.
There are a few local buses, which travel through the community of Randall Manor to get to their destinations.  He  s44 travels along Henderson Avenue to get to the Staten Island Mall, while the s46 travels to the West Shore Allison Pond and Park, Randall Manor Staten IslandPlaza via Forest Avenue, and the s48 travels to Mariners Harbor, also by taking Forest Avenue.  Each of the above buses leave the St. George Ferry Terminal to get to where they are going.  In addition to the local buses, you also have the x30 express bus, which takes Forest Avenue to the Goethals Bridge to get to Midtown Manhattan.

There are several schools in the area on Randall Manor.  The nearest public schools are P.S. 45, at 58 Lawrence Avenue; I.S. 61, at 445 Castleton Avenue; Curtis High School, at 105 Hamilton Avenue; and Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical High School, at 290 St. Marks Place.  The closest Catholic schools to Randall Manor are Notre Dame Elementary Academy, at 78 Howard Avenue; Sacred Heart School, at 301 North Burgher Avenue; Our Lady of Good CNew Home in Randall Manor, Staten Islandouncil, at 42 Austin Place; St. Peter's High School for Boys, at 200 Clinton Avenue; and Notre Dame Academy High School, at 134 Howard Avenue.  Other private schools in the area include the Building Blocks Montessori School, at 55 Forest Avenue, and Miraj Islamic School, at 307 Victory Boulevard.

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