Unveiling the Latest Real Estate Trends in Monmouth and Ocean County


In the dynamic real estate market of Monmouth and Ocean County, several key trends have emerged over the past year. These indicators provide valuable insights for homebuyers, sellers, and investors alike, shedding light on the current state of the local housing market and guiding informed decision-making.

Increase in Average Days on Market (DOM):

The first notable trend is the increase in average days on market by 45%. This suggests that properties remained listed for a longer duration before being sold, indicating a potentially slower pace of sales. Buyers had more time to explore their options and negotiate favorable deals, while sellers may have faced a slightly more prolonged selling process.

Decrease in Months of Inventory:

A significant shift can be observed in the months of inventory, which decreased by 5.23%. This indicates a possible transition toward a seller's market. With inventory levels tightening, buyers may face increased competition and a reduced number of options to choose from. This shift could lead to quicker sales and a more competitive landscape for buyers.

Change in Sale to List Price Ratio:

The sale to list price ratio, a key metric indicating the gap between listing prices and sale prices, decreased by 2.59%. This suggests that homes sold closer to their list price, with a smaller margin for negotiation. Buyers may have become more price-conscious, seeking better deals, while sellers adjusted their pricing strategies to align with market conditions.

Increase in Sold Median Listing Price:

On a positive note, the sold median listing price experienced a noteworthy increase of 7.63%. This indicates that the median price at which properties were sold has risen, potentially reflecting higher demand or appreciation in property values. Sellers may find this trend encouraging, as it suggests the potential for a favorable return on their investment.

Rise in Pending Average Listing Price:

The average listing price of properties that went under contract, known as the pending average listing price, increased by 3.6%. This indicates that buyers were willing to commit to properties at higher price points, signaling positive market sentiment and confidence in the local real estate market.

Decrease in Active and New Listings:

Active listings decreased by 17.97%, suggesting a potential tightening of supply in the market. This may be driven by increased sales activity or a decrease in the number of new listings entering the market. New listings experienced a substantial decrease of 25.04%, indicating a reduced number of properties coming onto the market.

Decline in Pending and Sold Listings:

The number of pending listings, representing properties that went under contract, decreased by 14.63%. This decline suggests a reduction in buyer activity and a potential slowdown in the pace of pending sales. Similarly, sold listings decreased by 13.67% compared to the previous year, indicating a decline in overall sales activity.


The real estate market in Monmouth and Ocean County has experienced a mix of trends. While the average days on market increased and the sale to list price ratio decreased, there was also an increase in median listing prices. The decrease in active and new listings, as well as a decline in pending and sold listings, suggest a potential tightening of supply and a possible slowdown in sales activity.

To navigate this ever-changing market, buyers and sellers should closely monitor these trends and seek guidance from local real estate professionals, like Prodigy's agents, who can provide up-to-date insights tailored to their specific needs.