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Allenwood is part of Wall Township and the Wall Township Public Schools district. It is a census-designated place and an unincorporated community. Allenwood is a small neighborhood, with a population of just over 900 and is the westernmost village in its county. It is located within Monmouth county.

With its charming small-town events, you will have plenty of opportunities for daytime excursions. You can enjoy a nice long walk or bike ride on their famous bike trails at Edgar Felix Memorial Bikeway and the Brick Reservoir, or enjoy a lovely show at the Algonquin Arts Theatre. Take the kids out to the Wall Stadium Speedway, where your family can enjoy an exciting race that the neighborhood loves to come out and watch.

Enjoy a nice picnic and slow day in nature by visiting Allaire State Park. As a small and traditional American town with tight-knit communities and events, you can enjoy fairs and carnivals at the Pine Creek railroad. Want to spend a night in the town? Dine at the many tasteful restaurants Allenwood has to offer like the Local Urban Kitchen Wall, Lubrano’s Trattoria, and the Shogun Legends. 

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History and Origin of Allenwood 

Like many other neighborhoods in the area, Allenwood was first inhabited by the Leni Lenape Natives in 1668. It was then settled by a farmer named Anaiah Gifford, on what is now the state-owned Spring Meadow Golf Course- a portion of the popular 3,000-acre Allaire State Park. What is now the state park used to be a sawmill as early as the 1750’s and was operated by a foundry during the Revolutionary War.

By 1822, the industrialist and protege of Robert Fulton, James P. Allaire, bought the foundry. He then developed it into a bog-iron furnace and forge, soon expanding to become one of the nation's first industrial communities. This hotspot became known as the Village of Allaire, with over 70 strong buildings and one of America's first free school systems for the children of foundry employees.

Location and Legal History of Allenwood 

Wall Township is home to the charming unincorporated community of Allenwood, New Jersey. Allenwood is a town in Monmouth County that is tucked between Spring Lake and Brielle. It offers a tranquil and picturesque setting that combines natural beauty and residential areas.

From a legal standpoint, Wall Township has jurisdiction over Allenwood. The township has a lengthy history that dates back to the 1700s, when European colonists first made it their home. Wall Township has grown and developed over the years while retaining its small-town charm and untouched natural surroundings.

The overall growth and administration of the region are entwined with the legal history of Allenwood and Wall Township. To protect locals' welfare and control zoning and land use, numerous local laws and ordinances have been put in place. These rules support community character and integrity while allowing for expansion and economic development.

The Wall Township local government, which consists of elected officials and support staff, works assiduously to meet the needs of the community and uphold the local laws. They are in charge of managing public services, preserving the community's physical infrastructure, and fostering safety and prosperity for all Allenwood and Wall Township residents.

Residents of Allenwood in Wall Township have easy access to the local facilities and attractions. The neighborhood is located close to lovely beaches along the Jersey Shore, offering opportunities for leisure time activities and outdoor recreation. Major highways and roads nearby also make it simple to commute to and travel to other regions of the state.

Allenwood's Geography

Allenwood's geography is characterized by its luxuriant vegetation, rolling terrain, and closeness to water bodies. There are numerous opportunities for residents to engage in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and picnicking because the area is surrounded by pristine forests, parks, and nature reserves. Beautiful water views and recreational opportunities like boating, fishing, and kayaking are available at the nearby Manasquan River and Barnegat Bay.

Allenwood is renowned for its lovely residential neighborhoods and immaculate streets in addition to its natural landscapes. The neighborhood displays a variety of architectural designs, from charming historic homes to contemporary homes, all of which harmoniously complement the surrounding landscape.

The location provides residents with the best of both worlds. Residents can take advantage of the peace and quiet of the suburbs while still being close to a variety of services and attractions. A quick drive will take you to lovely beaches along the Jersey Shore, where you can unwind and have fun.

Access of Transportation 

Allenwood benefits from convenient transportation options, ensuring easy access for residents and visitors alike. The community is well-connected to major roadways such as the Garden State Parkway, Route 34, and Route 35, facilitating efficient travel to neighboring towns and cities. Additionally, the area is served by the New Jersey Transit system, with the Allenwood Station offering train services for commuting and reaching various destinations in New Jersey and beyond. For air travel, residents can access major airports like Newark Liberty International Airport, providing domestic and international flights. Taxis, ride-sharing services, and local buses further enhance transportation convenience within Allenwood and the surrounding areas. With these diverse options, residents can navigate the region effortlessly, whether for work, leisure, or travel purposes.

Schools and Education

The Wall Township Public Schools provide comprehensive and high-quality education to the residents of Allenwood, New Jersey. The school district is dedicated to offering a safe environment for learning and a demanding academic program that equips students for success in the future.

Allenwood School is the neighborhood's elementary school. Prekindergarten through fifth graders are served by it. Each student at Allenwood School is guaranteed a top-notch education thanks to its devoted faculty, small class sizes, and individualized care.

Students from Allenwood attend Wall Intermediate School for middle school instruction. Students in grades six through eight can continue to build their academic foundation, hone their critical thinking abilities, and explore a wide range of subjects in the school's transitional environment.

Wall High School, which provides a thorough high school education, is attended by older Allenwood students. To challenge and motivate students, the school provides a wide range of academic programs, such as honors and advanced placement (AP) courses. Wall High School offers a broad range of extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports teams in addition to a rigorous academic program, enabling students to develop their interests and skills outside of the classroom.