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Welcome to Beachwood, a picturesque borough located in Ocean County, New Jersey. Situated along the Toms River, Beachwood offers a serene and inviting environment for residents and visitors alike. With its scenic waterfront, tight-knit community, and convenient amenities, Beachwood is a charming place to call home.

Beachwood is known for its natural beauty and access to water activities. The Toms River provides a tranquil backdrop for boating, fishing, kayaking, and other water-based adventures. The peaceful shores offer a relaxing atmosphere for residents to enjoy nature and take leisurely walks along the riverfront.

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Origin and History of Beachwood

Beachwood was founded in the early 20th century as "Beachwood Estates." In the 1910s, the borough developed as a resort community along the Toms River, attracting peaceful vacationers. Charles C. Perry developed Beachwood as a seaside resort town. Perry bought the land and created a scenic community to escape city life.

Beachwood's waterfront, sandy beaches, and recreation attracted summer visitors in the early years. Cottages, hotels, and summer homes for tourists grew the town quickly.

Beachwood gained permanent residents over time. It became a residential community with year-round residences and essential services. Beachwood became a borough in 1925, solidifying its independence.

Beachwood has grown while retaining its coastal charm. The borough has grown in population, infrastructure, and amenities to serve its residents. It still attracts residents with its natural beauty, strong community, and convenient location. Beachwood in Ocean County, New Jersey, is unique due to its resort town past and year-round residential development.

Location and legal history of Beachwood

Beachwood is a charming Toms River town. Since March 22, 1925, the borough has had legal status. Beachwood's Mayor-Council government follows New Jersey state laws and regulations under the Faulkner Act. It provides essential services and follows legal standards under Ocean County's governance. To maintain its character, the borough enforces zoning and land-use laws.

Beachwood's scenic Toms River location on New Jersey's eastern coast makes it convenient. The borough's natural beauty and coastal charm provide a peaceful environment close to major urban centers and transportation routes. Beachwood follows state and local laws to maintain order, protect residents' rights, and foster community. Thus, the borough creates a peaceful and well-run community.

Energy and lifestyle in Beachwood

Beachwood's energy and lifestyle attract residents and visitors. Beachwood offers an active lifestyle with its coastal location, strong community, and many recreational options.

Beachwood's proximity to the Toms River and stunning coastal scenery fuels its energy. Residents can boat, fish, kayak, and paddleboard. Relax and enjoy the area's natural beauty on the picturesque beaches and riverfront. It has a warm, close-knit community. Residents participate in local events, festivals, and recreational programs, fostering community. Organized activities, volunteer opportunities, and neighborhood pride demonstrate the borough's community commitment.

Beachwood also has many active lifestyle amenities. Parks, playgrounds, and sports fields offer outdoor recreation in the borough. To stay connected and pursue their interests, residents can hike nearby nature trails, take fitness classes, or join community organizations.

Residents enjoy coastal relaxation and community engagement. It lets residents relax, play, and connect with neighbors. It also offers an active and fulfilling lifestyle by the shore, whether it's a leisurely walk along the riverfront, a day on the water, or community events.

Beachwood's Geography

Beachwood covers 2.8 square miles from Toms River to the west. Pine Beach and Berkeley Township border the borough. Beachwood's location makes natural and urban attractions accessible. Beachwood is flat and has residential, commercial, and natural areas. Residents and visitors can navigate the borough's grid streets. Atlantic City Boulevard (Route 9), a major north-south thoroughfare, connects Beachwood to nearby towns and cities. Community Drive, Birch Street, and Beachwood Boulevard connect neighborhoods and businesses in the borough.

Accessibility of Transportation

There is an abundance of convenient accessibility to transportation, both public and private, allowing residents to easily navigate the area and reach neighboring towns and cities.

For those who prefer to drive, Beachwood benefits from its proximity to major roadways. Atlantic City Boulevard (Route 9) is a prominent north-south route that runs through the borough, providing direct access to surrounding areas. This well-traveled road connects Beachwood to nearby towns, such as Toms River and Bayville, as well as to larger cities like Atlantic City and New York City.

Additionally, the Garden State Parkway, one of New Jersey's main highways, is easily accessible from Beachwood. This major thoroughfare allows for convenient travel north to New York and south to destinations along the Jersey Shore.

For public transportation, Beachwood is served by Ocean Ride, the county-operated bus service. The buses connect Beachwood to other communities within Ocean County, providing an affordable and convenient option for residents who prefer not to drive or require transportation to neighboring towns, medical facilities, or shopping centers.

Schools and Education

Beachwood offers a range of educational opportunities for students of all ages. The borough is served by the Toms River Regional Schools, which include Beachwood Elementary School for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, Toms River Intermediate School East for grades six to eight, and Toms River High School South for high school students. These schools provide a comprehensive education, emphasizing academic excellence, personal growth, and community involvement. With a focus on nurturing a supportive learning environment, the schools in Beachwood aim to prepare students for success in their future endeavors. In addition to the public schools, families in Beachwood have access to various private and parochial schools in the area, providing additional educational choices. The schools in Beachwood are dedicated to empowering students, fostering their development, and ensuring they have the tools and knowledge to thrive academically and beyond.