So your home’s listing contract expired and it didn’t sell. What happened? There are many factors, but at the end of the day, your agent’s strategy was simply not effective in getting your property seen by the right buyers. What will make the difference this time around? Our approach at Prodigy Real Estate is entirely unique from our competitors. And we’ll show you how.


Selling your home is hard. It’s an emotional time for many, but making the right decisions is crucial. Prodigy Real Estate was born to connect homeowners with the best marketing available all while holding your hand throughout the process.


The market has changed quite a bit recently. At Prodigy, we focus on where the real estate market is headed, as opposed to where it’s been. Let me explain.


90% of buyers use the internet to find their next home. The real estate industry as a whole relies on what worked in the past. By always innovating and with digital trends, we put your home ahead of the competition. And when it comes time to sell, you’ll notice the difference. Great marketing gets seen more and shared more on social media. This means more showings, more offers, and often even higher offers for your home.


Our media presence is one of the most sophisticated in the nation. Prodigy’s social media pages reach thousands per week, targeted to buyers in your local area. This helps to get our clients unparalleled results. With our use of modern video marketing, including high quality drone video, our social posts get much higher engagement rates. Video marketing is the future- and other companies have not caught up. Look around and compare our marketing to the competition, and we’re sure you’ll agree.


Your home tells a story, and it’s a unique one- there’s no other home quite like it. At Prodigy we’ll work hard to tell that story. We’ve been there many times before - let our expertise guide you through this journey.


When you trust us, you’ll get the most exposure in an overcrowded market. So why settle for run of the mill marketing, when you could have that “wow” factor? We can’t wait to show off your home from the best angles.