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Welcome to Freehold Township, a remarkable Monmouth County community. Freehold Township is a great place to live due to its rich history, strong community, and many amenities.

Freehold Township is conveniently located in central New Jersey near major highways and transportation routes. Residents can commute to Freehold Borough, Colts Neck, Marlboro, and the Jersey Shore and New York City thanks to this convenient connectivity.

Freehold Township has many housing options for different lifestyles. There are spacious single-family homes, modern townhouses, and cozy apartments for everyone. The township's well-kept neighborhoods are charming and welcoming.

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Origin and History of Freehold Township 

Freehold Township's beginnings and history can be found in its founding in 1693. Before European settlers arrived in the area, the Lenape Native American tribe called the area home. As one of the original townships in Monmouth County, New Jersey, the township was formally established.

Freehold Township had a significant impact on the American Revolutionary War. A crucial moment in the conflict was the Battle of Monmouth, which took place in the township in 1778. Battles between the Continental Army under General George Washington and the British army resulted in a tactical victory for the Americans.

Freehold Township expanded and changed over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In the local economy, agriculture—and particularly dairy farming—played a significant role. As industries and businesses grew, the township gradually changed from a rural farming community to a suburban area.

With a rich historical past, Freehold Township is a thriving community today. The preservation of numerous historical sites and landmarks enables locals and guests to learn about the township's past. The Monmouth County Courthouse, which was constructed in 1715 and serves as a reminder of the township's historical importance, is one of its notable landmarks.

Location and legal history of Freehold Township 

Freehold Township, New Jersey, is ideally situated in the center of the state in Monmouth County. The township provides easy access to nearby towns and cities due to its location close to important highways and transportation routes.

Several municipalities encircle Freehold Township, including Howell Township to the south, Marlboro Township to the north, Freehold Borough to the east, and Manalapan Township to the west. Residents can travel quickly and easily to nearby employment hubs, educational institutions, and recreational locations thanks to this convenient location.

Freehold Township is governed by the municipal government structure of New Jersey, according to its legal history. An elected mayor and a Township Committee, made up of representatives from each of the township's wards, are in charge of running the township. It operates smoothly and effectively, providing necessary services and preserving the wellbeing of its residents thanks to the legal framework. The management of zoning and land use laws, the upkeep of public facilities, and the encouragement of community development are all crucial tasks performed by local governments.

The government of Monmouth County, which offers a variety of services like law enforcement, emergency management, and social services, also has jurisdiction over Freehold Township. The broader history of Monmouth County and the state of New Jersey informs the legal history of Freehold Township. As the needs of the township and its residents changed over time, laws and regulations were created and modified accordingly.

Energy and lifestyle in Freehold Township

Experience an energetic and diverse lifestyle in Freehold Township. With a strong sense of community and a bustling town center, residents enjoy an active and engaging lifestyle. Explore the numerous parks, trails, and sports fields for outdoor activities and leisure. The vibrant downtown area offers an array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Join in the community events and festivals that bring neighbors together and foster a sense of belonging. With proximity to New York City and the Jersey Shore, residents have easy access to cultural, entertainment, and recreational activities. Freehold Township embraces diversity and fosters a welcoming environment where neighbors become friends. Engage in volunteer opportunities and local organizations to contribute to the vibrant community spirit. Discover an energetic and fulfilling lifestyle in Freehold Township.

Freehold Township Geography

The township covers an area of approximately 38 square miles and is situated in the central part of the state. The topography of Freehold Township is characterized by a mix of rolling hills, wooded areas, and open spaces. The landscape is dotted with picturesque lakes, ponds, and streams, providing scenic beauty throughout the township.The township is known for its lush greenery and the abundance of parks and recreational areas. Residents can enjoy the beauty of nature and engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and picnicking in the various parks and trails that are scattered throughout Freehold Township.

Additionally, Freehold Township is located in close proximity to the Jersey Shore, allowing residents to access the beautiful beaches and coastal areas with ease. This provides an opportunity for residents to enjoy beach activities, water sports, and relaxation by the ocean. 

Accessibility of Transportation

For its residents and visitors, Freehold Township provides easy access to transportation, ensuring simple commuting and travel options. Freehold Township has a well-established road system that links it to neighboring cities and towns via major highways and roads. The main roads that go through or close to the township are Routes 9, 18, and 33, which offer effective connections to nearby communities. These routes provide quick driving access to commercial areas, shopping malls, dining establishments, and other amenities.

If you'd rather take the bus, NJ Transit operates several bus routes that stop in Freehold Township. With the help of these bus routes, it is simple to travel to nearby towns and cities from the township within Monmouth County and beyond. These bus services are available for commuters to use to get to other locations, such as employment centers and educational institutions.

For commuters who prefer to use park-and-ride services, the nearby Freehold Township Park and Ride facility offers a convenient option. With the help of this facility, people can park their cars and quickly switch to buses to travel to places like New York City or other locations.

Schools and Education

The township is served by the Freehold Township School District, which consists of several elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.

The elementary schools in Freehold Township include Joseph J. Catena School, C. Richard Applegate School, Laura Donovan School, Marshall W. Errickson School, and West Freehold School. These schools offer a strong foundation in academics, along with extracurricular activities and programs that foster creativity, character development, and social skills.

For middle school education, students attend Dwight D. Eisenhower Middle School and Clifton T. Barkalow Middle School. These schools provide a supportive and engaging environment for students during their transitional years, preparing them for high school and beyond. Students have access to a comprehensive curriculum, extracurricular clubs, and athletic programs.

High school students in Freehold Township attend Freehold Township High School. The high school offers a wide range of academic courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) classes and various elective options. Students can explore their interests through diverse extracurricular activities, including clubs, performing arts, sports teams, and community service opportunities.

In addition to the public schools, Freehold Township is home to several private schools that offer alternative educational options. These schools provide a variety of academic programs, including religious-based education, specialized curricula, and smaller class sizes.

Freehold Township also benefits from its proximity to higher education institutions. Within a short distance, students have access to reputable colleges and universities, such as Rutgers University, Monmouth University, and Brookdale Community College. These institutions offer a wide range of degree programs, continuing education courses, and resources for lifelong learning.