George L. Egbert Intermediate School

Intermediate School 2 is located in the Midland Beach neighborhood at 333 Midland Avenue. This school was first built in the mid 1960s, but has had some renovations done since then.This school is also known as the George L. Egbert school. George L. Egbert was one of the former treasurers of the Chamber of Commerce and was a member of the School Board 53, which this school used to be a part of. 

Intermediate School 2 holds classes for sixth graders up to eighth graders and also has special education classes for those students who need it. Some of the programs the children can look forward to while going to this school are the accelerated language arts and foreign language classes, peer tutoring, mock elections, writers workshop, and newspapers in education. As for the extracurricular activities they offer marching band, jazz band, school spirit week, talent show, study skills and homework help, reading and math test prep, and sports programs. The students have the schoolyard and the enjoyment of Midland Field to use both during and after school hours.

The homes shown are not those necessarily zoned for this particular school, its location is for point of reference. 

Homes Surrounding Intermediate School 2