Myra S. Barnes Intermediate School

At 225 Cleveland Avenue, you can find Intermediate School 24, the Myra S. Barnes school. This school is located in the neighborhood of Great Kills. This school was constructed around the early 1970s and was named after Myra S. Barnes. She was a local advocate for new and improved schools and was a civic leader during her time.

Intermediate School 24 is for grades six through eight and has special education classes. Along with their regular classes, students also get extra time for their language arts and math classes. The school also offers programs for those students who want to take advantage of them. These programs include band, art, computers, law studies, media, drama, performing arts, and some others. Intermediate School 24 also offers some great extracurricular activities for their students. These consist of yearbook publication, newspaper publications, literary magazine publications, marching band, peer mediation, student government, school dances, and academic fairs.

Intermediate School 24 Staten Island