Berta A. Dreyfus Intermediate School

Located at 101 Warren Street, in the neighborhood of Stapleton, you can find Intermediate School 49. This school still stands where it was originally built around the 1960s and has had some recent renovations done to it. This school was given the name of the Berta A. Dreyfus school, in honor of Dr. Louis Dreyfus’ wife.

Along with their regular classes for sixth graders to eighth graders, this school also offers special education classes and English as a Second Language classes. Just like all other schools, Intermediate School 49 offers programs, unique classes, and extracurricular activities for their students. Some of these include honors and accelerated classes, peer tutoring, Cranial Crunch Team, Math Investigations Team, Robotics Team, “Adopt a Grandparent” program, the Beacon Program, and some other extracurricular activities on Saturdays for the students.

Intermediate School 49 Staten Island