Edwin Markham Intermediate School

Intermediate School 51 was opened around 1959 at 20 Houston Street. This school is located in the Mid-Island section of Staten Island, in the Willowbrook neighborhood. Along with the school, there is a playground located right next to it for the students to use during school hours and for the community to enjoy after school hours. This school and playground were both named in honor of Edwin Markham. Edwin Markham was a teacher, principal, and school superintendent from California that had moved to Staten Island in the late 1890s. He also became known for his published poetry books.

This school holds classes for grades sixth through eighth, and has special education classes. Intermediate School 51 offers some unique programs for their students: American Sign Language, photography, keyboard/piano, drama, and computer technology. Some of the more usual programs they offer are band, chorus, orchestra, and enrichment classes in math and language arts. The extracurricular activities that they offer include leaders and multicultural clubs, computer and homework help, dance, jazz band, sports, peer mediation, Cranial Crunch Team, and the Sports and Arts Champions Club After School Program.

Intermediate School 51 Staten Island