William A. Morris Intermediate School

Around the 1970s, in the neighborhood of Randall Manor, Intermediate School 61 was opened. This school still sits today at 445 Castleton Avenue, where it was originally built. Another name this school goes by is the William A. Morris school; he was a black businessman who was a community leader that helped the Shiloh African Methodist Episcopal Church and the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People open up.

This school holds classes for sixth grade up until the eighth grade and has separate special education classes. This school also offers academies for their students, which is known as the Magnet program. Their academies consist of Journalism, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts. Along with their magnet program, they also offer literacy blocks to help students improve their reading and writing skills and they offer a honors program that puts students into accelerated classes to gain high school credit. Intermediate School 61 offers a variety of after school clubs, activities and tutoring programs for their students. Some of these include the Morris Leaders Club, Debate Team, Math Team, and Intramural sports teams.


Intermediate School 61 Staten Island