Elias Bernstein Intermediate School 7

Intermediate School 7, also known as the Elias Bernstein school, is in the neighborhood of Huguenot. It still stands where it was originally built, around the 1960s, at 1270 Huguenot Avenue. This school had some renovations made to it around 2009 and with these renovations the created a nice mural on the front of their building. This school was named in memory of Elias Bernstein, a school board appointee.

This school teaches classes for grades sixth through eighth and offers special education classes. Their programs consist of band, chorus, arts, dance, and more. The extracurricular activities they offer for the students includes jazz band, arts, intramural basketball and football, math test prep, and chess. Prescott Playground, which was named for one of the principals of the school, is also located right next to the schoolyard for the students to use during their lunch or after school.

Intermediate School 7 Staten Island