Rocco Laurie Intermediate School

Intermediate School 72 is located in the neighborhood of Heartland Village, at 33 Ferndale Avenue. This school was named in memory of a police officer that was killed in the line of duty; Police Officer Rocco Laurie. The school has a schoolyard which is also for the community to use after school hours; it is known as I.S. 72’s Community Playground.

This school educates students from the sixth grade to the eighth grade. They offer special education classes, English as a Second Language, and have four different academies the students can enter into. Intermediate School 72’s Academies are in Mathematical Applications, Communications Arts and Humanities, Environmental Sciences, and American Studies and Government. Along with these academies they also offer some accelerated classes in math, foreign language, and language arts.They provide classes in Music--band and chorus-- and the Arts, and computer classes. As for the after school and extracurricular activities they have for this school, they include lego robotics, cheerleading, art cartooning, sports, Academic Afterschool Saturday Academy, and specialized high school exam preparation classes.

Intermediate School 72 Staten Island