Paulo Intermediate School

In the neighborhood of Huguenot, you will be able to find the Frank D. Paulo intermediate school, or more commonly known as Intermediate School 75. This school was built in the early 1980s at 455 Huguenot Avenue. Frank D. Paulo was one of judges, during his time, of the surrogate court.

Intermediate School 75 teaches children from sixth to eighth grade. They also offer separated special education classes. Along with their regular academic classes, they offer a Gifted and Talented Scholars Program, which offers advanced classes in all academic subjects. They also offer peer tutoring in reading and math, and have an interactive research lab in the library for the students. Some of their extracurricular activities and afterschool programs include fine arts, marching band, math team, chess, cheerleading, and other academic and recreational clubs and activities.

Intermediate School 75 Staten Island