Jacob Hand Vanderbilt

Captain Jacob Hand Vanderbilt was born on the East Shore of Staten Island on September 2nd, 1807. The Vanderbilts were of Dutch origin due to their ancestors. The area in which they lived was of the eastern shore, actually located on the west side, which is now known as Stapleton today. Jacobs’ father, Cornelius Vanderbilt, built an estate for farming.

His family supplied meat from their own cattle in their farm. The place where they obtained flour was at the Clove Mill or by the Tide Mill, which is in the South Beach area of Staten Island. During this time, there were hardly shops, doctors, and lawyers, making employment low during this time.

Jacob went to school but then he fell in love with the water, wanting to “follow the water”. When he was eighteen years old, he was raised in command of a steamboat. Whether it was adventure or business, Jacob enjoyed what he was doing, resembling in his father's footsteps, who also had a passion for the water and created a ferry-boat business. Jacob's steamboat business had conducted steamboats lines on Long Island, Connecticut, and the Hudson river.

In 1834, Jacob married Euphemia Maria Banta, who was a descendant of General Israel Putnam. Jacob and his wife had three children; He had one son and two daughters. Jacob and his family lived in a beautiful home,  known as “Clove Hill”, which was located on the heights of the island. Today, we know this area as Clove Lake and Grymes Hill. He lived here after his retirement from his business.

Jacob's brother, William Henry Vanderbilt, was the president and vice president for many railroads his family created. Following in his brother's and family's footsteps, in 1863, Jacob was position as the president of the Staten Island East Shore Railroad and Ferry systems.

For hobbies, Jacob loved horses, especially participated in the audience in horse races. The horse races were mostly in Staten Island and New York City. Jacobs’ friends and acquaintances had known him as modest, kind-hearted, and hardworking. The Vanderbilt’s were well known of their achievements and success. They were also the richest family on the island.

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