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Lavallette, New Jersey, offers a picture-perfect coastal setting that perfectly encapsulates different preferences, boasting a blend of gorgeous waterfront properties, charming cottages, and elegant homes. Beyond its natural beauty, Lavallette boasts a friendly, close-knit community with a variety of amenities like neighborhood stores, eateries, and entertainment options. 

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89 Pershing Boulevard, Lavallette


89 Pershing Boulevard, Lavallette

5 Beds 6 Baths 4,200 SqFt Residential MLS® # 22404770

Lawrence Greenberg M. Van Sciver REALTORS

3574 Ocean Terrace, Lavallette


3574 Ocean Terrace, Lavallette

5 Beds 5 Baths 3,827 SqFt Residential MLS® # 22409835

Jeffrey Childers Childers Sotheby's Intl Realty

2406 Oceanfront, Lavallette


2406 Oceanfront, Lavallette

6 Beds 6 Baths 3,280 SqFt Residential MLS® # 22404652

Andrea Schlosser Schlosser Real Estate, Inc.

8 New Brunswick Avenue, Lavallette


8 New Brunswick Avenue, Lavallette

5 Beds 3 Baths 0 SqFt Residential MLS® # 22410305

Valentina Gabela Weichert Realtors-Spring Lake

117 New Brunswick Avenue, Lavallette


117 New Brunswick Avenue, Lavallette

5 Beds 4 Baths 3,028 SqFt Residential MLS® # 22403232

Brendan Pierce Keller Williams Shore Properties

65 Grand Central Avenue, Lavallette


↓ $50,000

65 Grand Central Avenue, Lavallette

0 Beds 0 Baths 5,551 SqFt Commercial Sale MLS® # 22406412

Jason Failla C-21 Wessex

239 Kathryn Street, Lavallette


↓ $100,000

239 Kathryn Street, Lavallette

4 Beds 4 Baths 2,618 SqFt Residential MLS® # 22403125

Susan Smith Childers Sotheby's Intl Realty

136 Kathryn Street, Lavallette


136 Kathryn Street, Lavallette

4 Beds 4 Baths 2,346 SqFt Residential MLS® # 22405632

Karin Farley Keller Williams Shore Properties

3587 Route 35 B, Lavallette


3587 Route 35 B, Lavallette

0 Beds 0 Baths 0 SqFt Land/Lots MLS® # 22404994

Jennifer Hunziker Keller Williams Realty Ocean Living

407 Ocala Court, Lavallette


407 Ocala Court, Lavallette

6 Beds 3 Baths 2,952 SqFt Residential MLS® # 22405639

Kevin Quigley Childers Sotheby's Intl Realty

467 Boca Raton Drive, Lavallette


467 Boca Raton Drive, Lavallette

4 Beds 3 Baths 2,477 SqFt Residential MLS® # 22407972

Valentina Gabela Weichert Realtors-Spring Lake

16 Pennsylvania Avenue, Lavallette


↓ $149,999

16 Pennsylvania Avenue, Lavallette

4 Beds 3 Baths 1,988 SqFt Residential MLS® # 22402570

Catherine Baugh Christie's Int'l RE Group

Origin and History of Lavallette

Lavallette has a lengthy past that contributes to its distinct personality and allure. The region that is now Lavallette was first inhabited by Native American tribes and was colonized by Europeans in the 18th century. The French explorer Philipe Francois de la Vallette, who is thought to have visited the region in the late 18th century, is thought to be the source of the borough's name.

Lavallette changed from a small fishing community to a well-liked vacation spot during the 19th century. The construction of summer homes and hotels along the coastline was aided by the establishment of the Toms River and Barnegat Bay Railroad in the late 1800s.

Early in the 20th century, Lavallette saw significant growth as a summer resort area, drawing tourists from neighboring cities looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The beachfront and boardwalk area of the borough experienced a surge in activity as a result of the influx of tourists, with amusement parks, dining options, and entertainment establishments.

Lavallette has remained a cherished beach town over the years, loved by both year-round residents and seasonal tourists. It still has a small-town feel today, but it also has modern amenities and a thriving beachfront neighborhood.

Location and legal history of Lavallette

Situated on the Barnegat Peninsula, a small peninsula between Barnegat Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Lavallette is located in Ocean County and is a part of the Jersey Shore region, benefits from a prime coastal location.

Lavallette was formally incorporated as a borough in 1887, according to legal records. With an elected mayor and a council of six people, the borough is governed by a mayor-council system. These community leaders are in charge of monitoring Lavallette's management and governance, ensuring the welfare of its citizens, and ensuring the efficient operation of municipal services.

Lavallette is a popular vacation spot for both locals and tourists due to its location on the Jersey Shore and its legal history as an incorporated borough. A vibrant coastal community with an emphasis on preserving its natural beauty and offering a high standard of living for its residents is ensured by the borough's proximity to the beach and local governance.

Lavallette Geography

A lovely coastal borough with an alluring geography that blends breathtaking beaches and an unusual landscape. Lavallette provides a small but picturesque setting for residents and guests to enjoy, with a total land area of about 0.7 square miles. The borough is situated on the Barnegat Peninsula, a small peninsula separating Barnegat Bay from the Atlantic Ocean. Lavallette's shoreline extends along the Atlantic Ocean for about 0.7 miles, making it simple to reach stunning sandy beaches and breathtaking ocean views. Lavallette has both an oceanfront and a Barnegat Bay border, which provides opportunities for boating, fishing, and other water sports. The borough's barrier island location, with the ocean on one side and the bay on the other, creates a distinctive environment. Lavallette's geographic features, including its small size and coastal beauty, add to its charm and allure by offering locals and guests a welcoming environment to enjoy the beach, water sports, and the close-knit community atmosphere.

Energy and lifestyle 

Both locals and visitors enjoy the lively energy and laid-back coastal lifestyle that Lavallette has to offer. Lavallette offers a distinctive setting that encourages an active and healthy lifestyle thanks to its beachfront location and tight-knit community.

The beach, which provides a variety of recreational opportunities, acts as the community's hub. While paddleboarders and surfers take advantage of the waves and calm waters, locals can swim, sunbathe, and explore the beach. The beach also offers a lovely setting for gatherings with friends and family and leisurely strolls.

Lavallette embraces a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that strengthens a sense of neighborhood. Residents frequently take part in outdoor activities like biking or walking along the boardwalk, attending neighborhood gatherings, or having picnics in parks. In addition to holding numerous festivals and concerts, the borough also promotes a strong sense of community. It provides a variety of dining options, including waterfront eateries that serve fresh seafood and regional specialties. Local stores and boutiques can be found in the borough, giving locals easy access to daily necessities and one-of-a-kind items.

Lavallette's proximity to other well-known Jersey Shore towns also enables locals to take advantage of nearby attractions like theme parks, shopping malls, and cultural institutions.

Accessibility of Transportation

Providing easy access to a variety of modes of transportation, facilitating travel both inside and outside the borough for residents and visitors.

The borough gains from being close to busy roads. Lavallette is directly served by Route 35, which offers a direct connection to nearby towns and cities along the Jersey Shore. As a result, residents can commute easily and have easy access to popular destinations. It is convenient for those looking to explore New Jersey or travel to nearby cities because the Garden State Parkway, which is close by, provides quick access to other areas of the state.

There are also public transportation options for Lavallette. Those without private vehicles can travel easily between Lavallette and neighboring towns and cities thanks to the New Jersey Transit bus system, which runs routes along these routes. Residents can now take advantage of the nearby employment opportunities, shopping areas, and other amenities. In order to ensure that everyone has access to the necessary transportation services, the Ocean Ride bus service also provides transportation specifically for seniors and people with disabilities.

Lavallette is reasonably close to a number of airports for air travel. A one-hour drive will take you to the numerous domestic and international flights at Newark Liberty International Airport. For locals and guests who need to travel by air for work or play, this offers convenient options. Additionally, the general aviation airport Toms River Airport, which serves pilots and owners of private aircraft, is close by.

Lavallette Schools and Education

The borough is served by the Lavallette Elementary School, which provides education for students in grades K-8.

Lavallette Elementary School is dedicated to fostering a positive and nurturing learning environment. The school focuses on academic excellence, emphasizing the development of essential skills and knowledge in various subject areas. With a dedicated team of educators, the school strives to meet the individual needs of students and provide a well-rounded education.

Beyond Lavallette Elementary School, students have the option to continue their education at nearby middle schools and high schools in neighboring towns. These schools offer a range of academic programs, extracurricular activities, and sports teams, providing students with diverse opportunities for growth and achievement.

Lavallette's proximity to higher education institutions is also worth noting. The borough is within a reasonable distance of colleges and universities, offering opportunities for continuing education, professional development, and lifelong learning.

The commitment to education in Lavallette is further enhanced by a supportive community that values and invests in the success of its students. Parents, educators, and community members actively participate in the educational journey, fostering a collaborative environment that promotes student achievement and well-being.