Nicholas C. Millar

Nicholas C. MillarNicholas C. Millar was born in New York City on November 9th, 1838. His ancestors were of Dutch settlers of Manhattan. He had received a really good education and as well became a businessman in his early years. Millar had begun working in the business for the dry goods trade as he entered employment in the establishment Burr, Griffith & White. This company was located at 61 Cedar Street.  Afterward, he started working in Spaulding, Vail & Fuller and their successors.

Millar did not focus only on trading goods; In January of 1864, he had a switched his career by becoming an insurance man, He accepted the cashier ship of the International Insurance Company. In the same year, he also assisted in an Organization of the Star Fire Insurance Company by becoming a sectary. In 1868, his position of sectary had ended as he was promoted to president of the company.

He was extremely knowledgeable and a businessman. Since the year 1865, he was a resident of Staten Island. He was a member of the Reformed Church of Port Richmond and was well known in the neighborhood. The Reformed Church on Staten Island was established by the Dutch, built in 1844 with a Greek Revival style. The church still exists today, located at 54 Port Richmond Avenue in Port Richmond.

Nicholas had entered another sectary position for another company, the New York Board of Fire Underwriters. During troubling times, when Chicago and Boston's fires occurred, he once again received the president position.

In June 1885, he was elected a trustee of the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York City. With that being said, he even connected as a director with several companies, which locations that were in Manhattan, Staten Island, and Chicago. The one in Staten Island was the First National Bank.

He was married to Emma Cropsey, who was the daughter of Jacob R Cropsey. They had four children together. In the year of 1885, Nicholas retired from his president positions.

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